Reduce your energy costs with Electrolux Professional’s
Heat Pump dryers

In a world where energy costs are on the rise, finding innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce business expenses is crucial. 

The emergence of heat pump heated dryers allow laundry operators to save up to 60% on energy, offering significant savings compared to traditional electrically heated ducted models. In this article, we will explore the potential cost advantages of heat pump dryers and why they are the smart choice for both businesses and the environment.

Heat pump dryers use a sophisticated energy-efficient heat exchange system to conserve and reuse the same air, which helps to mitigate the impact of climate change and improve the overall health of our environment

By recycling heat during the moisture extraction process, heat pump dryers achieve exceptional energy efficiency. Moreover, their sophisticated heat exchange system which conserves and reuses the same heated air, preserves the quality and condition of your laundry.

To better understand the cost advantages of heat pump dryers, let’s compare the energy costs of a conventional electric ducted dryer model TD6-20E with heat pump dryer model TD6-20HP. Both needing to remove moisture from commonly paired washer model WH6-14.

Energy usage comparisons per cycle, needing to evaporate 5.85 litres retained water from washer model  WH6-14:

  • TD6-20E ducted dryer @ 1kW per litre evaporation = 5.85kW per cycle.
  • TD6-20HP heat pump dryer @ 0.36 kW per litre evaporation = 1.106 kW per cycle

Cost comparison @ $0.30 per kW:

  • TD6-20E ducted dryer = $1.755 per cycle or $52,650 over the 30’000 cycle life of the machine
  • TD6-20HP heat pump dryer = $0.33 per cycle or $9,954 over the 30’000 cycle life of the machine.

Costs per year based on 8 wash cycles per day, or 3,000 cycles per year:

  • TD6-20E ducted dryer = $5,265 per year
  • TD6-20HP heat pump dryer = $954 per year.

Over the estimated 30,000 cycle life of the machine, the TD6-20HP heat pump dryer can potentially save an astounding $42,696 compared to traditional electrically heated ducted models!

With energy costs projected to continue rising, investing in energy-efficient equipment  like heat pump dryers is a smart long-term strategy. Not only will you benefit from significant savings on your energy bills, but you will also play a part in reducing your carbon footprint. 

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