Product Highlight – Electrolux Professional WH6-8

In the world of commercial laundry equipment, durability and efficiency are paramount. That’s where the Electrolux Professional WH6-8 steps in, setting a new standard for professional washers.

Exceptional Durability – Built to Last
The WH6-8 professional washer boasts an impressive 8KG capacity and is engineered to withstand a remarkable 30,000 cycles. To put it in perspective, that’s equivalent to running 8 cycles per day, every day, for an entire decade. This level of durability far surpasses the commercial industry equipment average, which typically hovers around 10,000 cycles.

Efficient and Compliant – Meeting Australian Standards
The WH6-8 operates effortlessly with a 20amp plug and features internal electric heating, ensuring it complies with Australian Standards for thermal disinfection. This commitment to quality translates into impeccable wash results every time.

Tailored Wash Cycles – Compass Pro Control
The fully programmable Compass Pro control system is nothing short of bulletproof. It empowers customers to customise wash cycles to suit their specific needs, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Smart Dosing Options – Liquid Precision
The WH6-8 comes equipped with both manual and auto dosing connections, giving you the freedom to choose the dosing method that suits you best. We recommend liquid dosing for precise control, eliminating the risk of overdosing and guaranteeing optimal results.

Streamlined Maintenance – Pump vs. Valve
We offer two drainage options to cater to your needs. The drain pump option ensures straightforward installation, while the drain valve choice is ideal for those looking to minimize long-term maintenance and achieve the fastest cycle times.

Efficient Extraction – Faster Dry Times, Lower Energy Consumption
With a maximum extraction capability of 450G, our soft-mounted washer targets a 5-minute dewatering stage. This strategic approach minimises drying time and saves energy. What sets us apart from competitors is our use of an accelerometer. This cutting-edge technology manages vibrations and adjusts in real-time to balance the load, protecting the machine and enhancing the extraction process.

If your business is searching for a compact, reliable, and highly efficient commercial laundry washer, the Electrolux Professional WH6-8 might be right for you. To speak to a member of our team, give us a call on 1300 742 427.