Perfectly balanced for growth and success

Richard Jay remains a valued supplier for McDonalds

For some years now, Richard Jay and McDonald’s have been transitioning away from inefficient, ineffective, and uneconomical top load washers. McDonald’s has chosen a more sustainable washing solution.

Richard Jay is proud to remain a valued supplier for McDonald’s who need commercial washers to clean mops and cloths used in the cleaning of back of house. With the transition of the McDonalds in-house laundry to more effective Electrolux Professional WH6-6 and LG Commercial Giant Max washers, results are improving, and down time is reduced. These washers are designed to deliver the best possible wash results in high-usage situations like McDonalds.

Perfectly balanced for growth and success
At the beginning of June this year McDonalds handed Richard Jay the ‘Valued supplier 2021’ plaque. The plaque includes an image of the ‘Three-legged stool’, which was a principle of Ray Kroc (McDonald’s founder), that ensures the ongoing teamwork of the three main contributors/stakeholders of McDonalds success, being McDonalds, Franchisee’s and suppliers. With each of the three legs, strong and stable, the stool is perfectly balanced for growth and success; if any of the legs buckle or break, the stool falls over.

About Richard Jay Pty Ltd
Richard Jay can guarantee that each model they sell provides clean fresh laundry results plus energy savings in every load. When you partner with Richard Jay for laundry equipment, you can feel confident you’re dealing with one of Australia’s largest and most respected suppliers. The family-owned business is the only B2B laundry provider with a truly national footprint.

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