Optimise your detergent costs and water consumption with Electrolux Efficient Dosing

You’d be surprised at how inefficient chemical and water usage can cost your business and affect wash performance. If you have an on-premise laundry, our experts say it’s absolutely worth investing in the Electrolux Efficient Dosing system to eliminate those little inefficiencies that are quite literally money down the drain.
Studies have shown that the water-wise Electrolux Efficient Dosing System can save your organisation up to 40% in chemical costs and extend the life of linen and clothing. The clever Efficient Dosing system automatically adjusts the quantity of both detergent and water to the exact weight of the load in your washer.

How it works

  • Your laundry load is precisely weighed at the beginning of the program to calculate correct water and detergent requirements
  • Detergent levels are adjusted at each step to lower the risk of either under-dosing or over-dosing (which is detrimental to your machinery and your garments)
  • Water levels are also adjusted at each step according to the weight of the load.

No more overdosing or underdosing

This means you only ever use the amount of detergent and water you need for a great wash – no more or less.

As our laundry experts are always saying, optimising the amount of detergent and water you use is better all round. Over-sudsing is detrimental for your machinery and can cause machinery breakdown over time. Too much chemical left in linen and garments can lead to skin irritation and deteriorate fibres.

Compatible with Electrolux Professional Laundry washer extractors featuring Compass Control and Compass Pro, the Electrolux Efficient Dosing System is a fully automatic way of optimising detergent and water usage without compromising on wash results.

Interested in optimising your chemical and water usage? Contact your Richard Jay representative to learn more about Electrolux Efficient Dosing.