myPRO washer and dryer


myPRO washer and dryer  The new Smart Professional laundry solution for small businesses.

Get introduced with the myPRO solution:

  myPRO laundry

myPRO is designed for small businesses that require durable Washers and Dryers but have no need for an advanced professional laundry solution. myPRO is the Smart Professional solution specially made for the small business that needs strong laundry solutions that offer reliability, flexibility and superb quality results on a sensible budget.

Thanks to their Professional  myPRO Washers and Dryers get the job done at the speed and quality you need.

A few myPRO  benefits stack up for you:

• Long life – 3 times longer *
• High Speed – up to 50% faster **
• Top quality – consistently great results
• Maximum flexibility – thanks to professional programs
• Smart professional washing machine with A+++ energy
• Warranty of 24 months parts and 1 year labour
* Compared to domestic machines ** Washer

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myPRO stands for longer-lasting machines and faster cycles on a sensible budget. So you get top quality laundry results without any inconvenience.

Is your industry a myPRO  Laundry match?

Save energy & water, save money, reduce emissions

 The Energy Rating Label helps to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of appliances before you buy. The star rating on the label helps you compare with other models. More stars means more efficient, if you want to save energy, emissions and money in the long run; choose myPRO. 4 star energy rating on the washer and 2 star energy rating on the dryer from myPRO.

The water rating label is similar in appearance to the energy rating label and provides water efficiency information for water-using products. More stars means more efficient, so if you want to save water; choose myPRO. 4 star water rating on the myPRO washer.


Read why the Richmond Football Club from Melbourne choose myPRO & watch a Customer experience on myPRO laundry:


myPRO  Installation and Stacking instructions
MyPRO gives you the advantages of a unique professional design with just the technology you need. A great and reliable investment that will serve you well for many years.










Check out the myPRO plinth easy installation instructions below or the video about myPRO - Select program and start the machine.


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