Maximising performance in industrial washers: 130G vs 450G

For businesses managing large wash loads, industrial washers present the ideal solution. The question is, which model is the best for your operations?

At Richard Jay, we are committed to stocking high quality equipment that drives productivity and profitability, particularly our industrial washer line supplied by Electrolux Professional.

Electrolux Professional’s industrial line 6 washers are available in WN 130G and WH 450G models. While both models have a lifespan of 30,000 cycles (8 cycles per day for 10 years), they are built differently & designed for different applications. Below, we explore the distinguishing features of both categories.

WN6 models

These are hard mounted washers, meaning they don’t have suspensions. As such, they must be installed on a 200mm reinforced concrete foundation at ground level and bolted down with 4 x 16mm chemical anchors.

They offer a lower price point & simplistic design with fewer components than the soft mount design, maximising reliability & reducing maintenance requirements.

WN (Washer Normal-spin) model results are identical when compared to their soft mounted cousins. However, the extraction at the end of the cycle is much lower @ 130G or 65% residual moisture content, increasing dryer energy usage and dry times.

They include our simple to use Compass Pro control, which offers 15 programmable cycles, to ensure you achieve the best possible results for your application.

The water operated drain valve, standard over our line 6 range reduces dead water by 97%, saving around 450,000 litres of water over the life of the machine.

– Electrolux Industrial Washer, 130G, 20KG

@ 65% RMC = 13 litres of retained water

Standard with liquid dosing connections, we are able to automatically dose chemicals, simplifying operation for staff and customers & improving wash results.

These machines are suited to the below operational conditions:

  • Sites on the ground floor & that meet WN installation requirements
  • Low turns or sporadic usage
  • Sites with low energy costs; i.e. large solar installations
  • Remote sites after the most reliable solution with the lowest possible maintenance

WH6 models

These are soft mount washers, meaning they have suspensions & can be installed on suspended floors. They come with 4 feet that need to be levelled & don’t require complicated anchoring like WN models, all of which simplifies the installation process.

These models boast a more advanced design, including an industry-leading power balance system designed to better manage vibration and imbalances during extraction, as well as a simpler installation process. However, they are more expensive upfront.

The mechanical design, although more complicated than WN models, has been maintained over 4 generations, meaning spare parts are affordable & well supported.

WH (Washer High-spin) models have a 450G extraction, meaning residual moisture is minimised @ 45% after the spin process, which saves huge amounts of energy through reduced dry times & faster throughput.

There are 2 control options: Compass Pro & Clarus Vibe:

Compass Pro
Compass Pro is mostly sold to vend stores in public spaces, where the simplest & most reliable control is required.


Clarus Vibe
Featuring a 7-inch touch screen, Clarus Vibe is our most advanced control, delivering advanced reporting & financial savings for premise laundries & central laundries.


The water operated drain valve, standard across our line 6 range, reduces dead water by 97%, saving around 450,000 litres of water over the life of the machine.

– Electrolux Industrial Washer, 450G, 20KG

@ 45% RMC = 9 litres of retained water

As is standard with liquid dosing connections, chemical dosing is automatic, simplifying operation for staff and customers & improving wash results.

These machines are well suited to sites looking to minimise energy consumption as well as high usage applications and those requiring a suspended floor installation.

For businesses looking to minimise their dryer usage costs, the Electrolux Axial Airflow dryers require 1kW to evaporate 1 litre of retained water after the wash process, so considering the above variance of 4 litres between WN6 & WH6 20KG washers, the savings per cycle is 4kw or 14.4 MJ, meaning a 120’000kW or 432,000MJ saving over the machines 30’000 cycle designed life.

If you’re looking for an industrial laundry solution for your business, the Richard Jay team is ready to assist. Give us a call on 1300 742 427 to find out more about how we can help you.