LG’s front-load washing machine: when will you make the switch?

Over the past decade, LG Electronics have provided many businesses including laundromats – both throughout Australia and across the globe – with 10kg and 15kg commercial grade front-load washing machines that have changed their business and their bottom-line for the better.

Top-load washers are quickly becoming less and less of a preference among businesses in Australia, as operators increasingly consider options with benefits that align with their business values of quality, profitability, efficiency and sustainability.

In 2019, Richard Jay made the decision to stop supplying Maytag commercial top-loader machines – instead offering models that combine advanced technology with sustainable functionality.

With front-load technology incorporating advanced spin-cycles that reduce water and drying time by up to 50%, deliver exceptional cleaning results and extend the life of linens with technology that’s gentler on fabrics, it’s no longer a case of why a front-load washer, but when.

For businesses in hospitality, facility management, laundromats and any others who need a 10kg or 15kg capacity machine, LG’s small chassis range has become the preferred option. In fact, it’s commonly touted as offering the best commercial grade small-chassis laundry solutions on the market.

The table below shows a side-by-side comparison of the LG Giant C Fast  front-load washer next to the Maytag MAT20MIN top-load washer:

Price Higher initial investment Lower initial investment
Realistic life 10,000 cycles = 4 cycles per day for 7 years 10,000 cycles = 4 cycles per day for 7 years
Invest cost per cycle $0.30 $0.20
Rated capacity 10 Kg = higher capacity 8 Kg = smaller capacity
Productivity per day 10 Kg x 4 cycles = 40 Kg 8 Kg x 4 cycles = 32 Kg
Water usage 80 litres = economical 97 litres = massive water wastage
G value 449G = less retained moisture 144G = higher retained moisture
Dryer energy cost @8kg load 40’000 kW = less expensive to run 56’000 kW = more expensive to run
Wash cycle Pre-wash / main wash / 3 rinses = best cleaning Main wash / 1 rinse = poor cleaning
Programmable Yes = customised for application = best results No = no customisation = poor results
LED display Yes = simple to operate No = difficult to operate
Liquid dosing connections Yes = simple to operate No = human error
Soap draw Yes = simple to operate No = human error
Heating No = does not meet Australian Standards for disinfection No = does not meet Australian Standards for disinfection
Accelerometer Yes = lower maintenance No = higher maintenance
Drive system Direct drive = low maintenance Gearbox = higher maintenance
Tub clean cycle Yes = sanitation of inner / out drum No = no sanitation
Stackable washer / dryer Yes = space saving No = space wasting
Mechanical action High = great cleaning Low = poor cleaning


Here at Richard Jay, we understand the unique laundry requirements of businesses across Australia, and we know how damaging down-time can be to both productivity and your bottom line. When reliability’s crucial, LG Commercial 10kg and 15kg front loaders are proven to have less breakdowns and require less ongoing maintenance – meaning you can benefit from reduced risk and down-time.

To find out more about how the LG Commercial laundry range can benefit you, contact us today.