LG’s front-load washing machine: when will you make the switch?

Since 2010, LG Commercial Laundry have provided thousands of businesses with commercial grade front load washers and dryers, which has improved the way laundry is processed in their facilities.

As customers look for an improved laundry experience & choose to use equipment that best supports a sustainable future, Richard Jay made the decision in 2019 to stop supplying Top-load washers to their customers.

Compared to Top-load washers, Front-load washers use 50% less water and extract more water in the final spin delivering shorter drying times, which saves massive amounts of water & energy over the products life. The superior cleaning experience & enhanced reliability, together with accelerometer managed imbalances, further protects your investment & the garments being laundered.

For businesses looking for exceptional cleaning performance & low maintenance costs, LG has proven to be the preferred choice made by many Australians.

Below is a table showing comparative data between Commercial Front-load & Top-load washers. This will hopefully provide enough information to help make a more informed decision & improve the way customers process laundry.

Washer Model Commercial Front Load Commercial Top Load
Production Per Cycle 10KG 8KG
Production Per Day 4 x 10KG = 40KG 4 x 8KG = 32KG
Water Usage Per Cycle 50 Litres 100 Litres
Water Usage Per Day 4 x 50 Litres = 200 Litres 4 x 100 Litres = 400 Litres
Water Usage Per Year 365 Days x 4 Cycles x 50 Litres = 73’000 Litres 365 Days x 4 Cycles x 100 Litres = 146’000 Litres
Extraction 449G = 50% Residual Moisture Content 120G to 144G = 75% Residual Moisture Content
Dryer Electricity Cost Per Year @ 8KG Load 5’840 kW 8’760 kW
Chemical Cost $0.05 per kg x 8kg x 365 days x 4 cycles = $584 $0.10 per kg x 8kg x 365 days x 4 cycles = $1’168
Wash cycle Pre-Wash / Main Wash / 3 Rinses Main Wash / 1 Rinse
Mechanical Action Cleaning Performance High Low
Liquid Dosing For Simple Operation Yes No
Tub Clean – Sanitisation Of Inner / Outer Drum Yes No
Stackable Washer / Dryer Yes No
Direct Drive Motor Yes No
Accelerometer Yes No


Information mentioned is sourced from manufacturers data and based on industry norms, this may vary according to a number of factors including types of items laundered and load size, please contact us for more information on 1300 RICHARD.