Key laundry considerations for mines with onsite laundries

At Richard Jay, we’re proud to supply businesses with high quality, cost-effective laundry solutions and advice. Our team works hard to ensure that our customers’ on-site laundry facilities meet Australian safety and hygiene standards while operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Wash quality and cleanliness is particularly important for businesses that use on-site laundries to wash uniforms exposed to hazardous dust or chemicals such as lead extraction.

In these environments, any machine breakdown can have a significant impact on productivity and have the potential to create workplace health and safety (WH&S) issues.

A build-up of unwashed uniforms can be highly problematic in workplaces where uniforms are routinely exposed to toxins such as lead dust.

As well as allowing potentially affected uniforms to pile up, this type of downtime requires the implementation of temporary off-site laundry solutions. Naturally these measures disrupt streamlined processes and impact overall productivity.

Such stop-gap issues are exacerbated by the current long wait times of up to 12 months to secure the specific industrial washers designed to handle this type of laundry. In the current global environment, it’s important to consider stock levels can be affected by supply and logistical issues.

For business owners and operations managers looking to optimise productivity and avoid potential safety risks associated with uniforms exposed to hazardous dust or environments, we strongly recommend implementing preventative maintenance programs and replacing equipment in advance of its ‘end of life.’

Having a preventative maintenance schedule yields important diagnostic insights that allow you to act when your machinery shows signs of shutting down and takes the urgency out of arranging replacements. It’s a proactive measure every workplace within this type of environment should have in place.

The bottom line is, businesses in this environment need hard-working industrial washing machines to maintain productivity and WH&S standards. If your current machine has been showing signs of wear and tear, a maintenance check could save you a great deal of time and money.

For more information or to order a replacement machine, call 1300 RICHARD for advice.