14KG Commercial and Industrial Washers

14KG, 15KG and 16 KG commercial and industrial washers

Historically here at Richard Jay, our bestselling machine was the 10KG LG Commercial Washer. However, with the introduction of the 15KG LG Commercial Washer, and also two 14KG Electrolux models being available ex stock, many smaller sites are now opting for the 14KG/15KG washers.

This is in conjunction with the introduction of the matching 15KG LG Commercial Dryer, and Electrolux dryer models TD6-16 and TD6-17S being available in Gas or Electric Heat.

Key features to consider

It can be difficult to know what questions to ask about your new 14KG commercial and industrial washers, so here are three things to consider before making a purchase.

When it comes to G-force, the higher the better. Lots of manufacturers advertise high G-force, but the crucial thing to ask is if it will maintain maximum extraction for five minutes. The below graph shows the impact of G-force in more detail.


Accelerometers are absolutely critical in managing high G-force extractions. They manage vibration, which increases as G-force heads north, and also increase extraction when vibration reduces due to dewatering. This technology is delivered as standard in all Electrolux and LG soft-mount washers.

Many cheaper products have preset water levels and very little customisation. Being able to actively customise water levels allows for better wash quality and reduces rewash – a standard feature on all Electrolux professional washers.

Vend or communal laundries rarely feature internal heating, because of a higher fusing cost for electricity. They instead rely on instantaneous hot water systems that are ideal for individuals or families who don’t require thermal disinfection.

On Premise Laundries nearly always need internal heating for thermal disinfection, as well as to deliver the best possible wash results.

Selecting commercial or industrial washers

We are often asked by customers which of the three 14KG and 15KG washer models is recommended for their needs, so we recommend considering the following questions before making a decision.

If you need thermal disinfection in your washer, then you need Electrolux with internal heating – this allows you to meet the  Australian standards by maintaining 65C for 10 minutes, or 71C for 3 minutes.

  1. If you anticipate low soiling then the LG model will suit your needs. This washer is incredibly water and energy efficient, however struggles with higher soil levels due to its focus on efficiency.
  2. If you anticipate medium to high soiling levels, you will need to go with the Electrolux model. This product is fully programmable and includes internal heating to meet all cleaning demands.

  1. If you expect to process four or fewer loads a day then LG is a good option. It will last up to 10,000 cycles, which is 4 cycles per day for 7 years.
  2. If you expect to process four or more loads a day then Electrolux is recommended. It will last up to 30,000 cycles, which is 8 cycles per day for 10 years.

  1. If there are several stores in the area and they’re using industrial products, we suggest using Electrolux, as the premium and high quality wash results will drive traffic to your store.
  2. If you’re based in a seasonal or tourist location with little competition, we often recommend LG as a good fit for your needs.

  1. If you’re located on the ground floor and expect seasonal demands or low turns, WN6-14 with 130G-force extraction provides the same wash quality as the more expensive WH6-14 with 450G-force extraction. The WN6-14 is more affordable and strikes a good balance between wash quality, reliability and price.
  2. WH6-14 is for sites who can’t install on ground level and want to best reduce dryer energy consumptions. This washer extracts moisture at 450G-force and minimises dry times. We recommend it as the best solution for any site experiencing more than six turns per day.

  1. Stack combinations reduce the footprint for installation and provide the maximum number of pockets per installation. It’s a great option for vend applications or space-poor sites.
  2. Single machines provide the best ergonomics and are recommended for any site where operators are repetitively completing the same action many times per day. They are best for On Premise Laundries or sites where space isn’t an issue.

How can I find out more about commercial or industrial 14KG washers?

There are many things to consider when selecting a commercial or industrial 14KG washer. Here at Richard Jay, we understand the various scenarios and our direct sales personnel can make recommendations to best meet your needs.

Contact our friendly sales team today to find out how we can improve your laundry experience and delight your customers.