Electrolux Professional

The Electrolux Professional Laundry experience

Electrolux Professional Laundry was founded in 1902 and is a supplier of professional laundry equipment, which includes washers, dryers, flatwork ironers and drying cabinets.

These solutions are catered to the needs of businesses and designed to last 30,000 cycles, which equates to eight cycles per day for ten years.

Richard Jay is the largest distributor of Electrolux Professional Laundry products in APAC and has been a loyal partner for a decade in 2025. We are also the only national distributor of commercial and industrial laundry equipment in Australia, with warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.


Every Electrolux line 6 product receives independent ErgoCert certification to global standards of ergonomics and human-centred design, meaning they’ve been specially developed to ensure the comfort of workers. This can lead to a more engaged team and fewer sick days.

Electrolux Professional Washers

This extensive range is available from 6 to 110KG, offering laundry solutions to a wide variety of businesses.  It covers everything from  facility management businesses that wash mops and microfibres, to businesses processing laundry for multiple sites in a central laundry facility with a net production of up to 500KG per hour.

The quality of Electrolux’s commercial washers really sets them apart from the competition. Not only are they well made and designed around efficiency, but they’re also the only washers to be certified by ErgoCert.

Power Balance is our accelerometer-based technology that manages vibration and maximises extraction, which reduces maintenance and drives down dryer energy costs.

The patented water-operated drain valve reduces dead-water by 97%, saving up to 15 litres per water, which equates to 450,000 litres saving over 30,000 cycles. In a laundry with 6 washers, this saving is enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool.

Efficient Dosing is advanced technology that adjusts chemical, water and energy usage according to the loaded weight.
Here’s how much that could save on our most popular OPL washer:

24KG x $0.10 chemical cost x 30,000 cycles = $72,000 chemical cost of the machine’s life.

  • Saving 20% = $14,400
  • Saving 30% = $21,600

Electrolux Professional Dryers

This industrial dryer line-up ranges from 6 to 60KG, with ergonomics and energy efficiency sitting at the heart of the design process.

Our diverse customer base has seen dramatic savings in energy and gas usage.

Axial airflow is the most efficient airflow design available and reduces utility costs by 20% compared to older radial airflow designs.

washer axial airflow diagram

Moisture Balance is a third-generation sensing technology that uses physical sensors located in the lifters of the drum to measure moisture content. This is then combined with inlet and outlet temperatures to enhance sensing levels.

washer moisture control

Reversing drums reduce dry times by up to seven minutes by redistributing the loads wet and dry areas, eliminating balling and knotting of larger items – saving time and energy.

washer quicker drying

Damper-adjusted airflow allows our installers to set the static back pressure according to the ducting system available on-site, which best promotes evaporation potential per kW and MJ consumed.

Front support rollers are standard across the entire commercial dryer lineup, reducing maintenance and ensuring downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

dryer roller support

Magnetic door locks eliminate maintenance associated with older mechanical door locks.

Lint drawers simplify cleaning and mean that this task is completed regularly, improving airflow and reducing overall energy consumption.

The simple-to-use Compass Pro control drives the best operator experience by simplifying the cycle selection. Maintenance is also made easy through easy diagnostics.

With many states moving away from gas heat to electric, Heat Pump technology offers the best way of reducing energy consumption – often by up to 60%.

Electrolux Professional Flatwork Ironers

Our European-built range of flatwork ironers is available in chest and cylinder heated technologies, both offering unique advantages.

Chest-heated ironers, also known as Roller Ironers, are simple in design & great for laundries looking for the most reliable solution for their business. They are available in 230mm and 700mm diameters,  catering to small and large operations.

Cylinder-heated ironers, also known as calendar ironers or drying ironers, offer the highest possible production in small spaces. They are available in 330mm and 479 mm diameters and cater to small and medium laundries. These are available in basic return-to-operator configuration or fully automated machines, which feed, dry, iron, fold and stack linen. They are ideal for On Premise Laundries with small spaces.

Dubixium Cylinders are available in the 479mm diameter cylinder heated ironer range. This double-skinned thermal oil-filled roller offers a unique and patented solution that solves the thermal variation issue commonly found in cylinder-heated ironers.

Wet Cleaning

Electrolux pioneered the wet cleaning solution. It’s now promoted by many manufacturers today as the future in processing delicate items that were previously only cleaned in complicated dry clean machines, in most circumstances using dangerous solvents to achieve the no-water cleaning process.

ProVtex pump is a unique water recycling system that pumps water from the base and reintroduces this water and chemical mixture at the top – creating hydraulic action to aid in cleaning, while improving the Degree Of Loading (DOL).

Lagoon Advanced Care is the only Wet Cleaning solution to be approved by Woolmark – demonstrating a commitment to ensuring solutions meet an international standard and truly deliver on promises.

Electrolux Professional Drying Cabinets

Some items can’t be tumble dried and need to avoid mechanical action – this is where our commercial drying cabinet range shines.

We stock 3 models – 4 and 8KG general purpose drying cabinets, along with the 15KG Fire Station drying cabinet which circulates heat within jackets to improve dry times.

How can I find out more about Electrolux’s Professional Laundry Range?

Electrolux Professional Laundry offers a unique and diverse range of solutions to meet every customer’s needs. We strongly believe in this partnership, and continue to see our customers reinvesting in the brand which delivers best to the needs of their businesses.

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