20KG and 27KG
Industrial Washers

Looking for a 20KG and 27KG industrial washer?

If your business needs an industrial washer, Electrolux has you covered. The two bestselling washers in Richard Jay’s professional line are the 20KG and 27KG industrial washers from Electrolux. These washers dominate the On Premise Laundry (OPL) segment, with the 20KG washer now commanding our highest sales to vended laundries.

Local trends are also reflected globally – the WH6-27 with 240L drum volume commands the top spot in OPL sales, and is followed by the WH6-20 with 180L drum volume.

Historically, the WN6-14 was a bestselling washer to vend stores. However, with the move to soft-mount washers and customers demanding larger capacity equipment, Richard Jay has seen WH6-20 shifting into pole position.

Things to consider before you buy

Assessing various brands and models can be a minefield of confusion, with many suppliers promising the best or latest features in the market whilst trying to upsell based on things that you don’t need. To help you make the right decision, we’ve pulled together six key factors to consider.

Generally speaking, the higher the G-force the better. However, many manufacturers are advertising higher and higher G-force, so it’s important to ask if the washer will maintain maximum extraction for five minutes.  The below graph explains the impact G-force will have with different fabrics at different extraction forces.

In the past, hard mount washers were the most popular sellers for most dealers, however times have changed and energy costs have increased, so investors are now consciously looking for ways to cut back on drying times. With this in mind, soft-mount washers now offer up to 450G extraction and dry times are dramatically reduced (often down to under 30 minutes compared to 40 minutes when using hard-mount washers.) Happily, soft-mount washers also don’t need to be installed on the ground level and offer greater site selection for investors, which can often drive down rental rates, the highest ongoing cost.

Accelerometers are critical in managing high G-force extractions, as they bring vibration to safe levels and also increase extraction when vibration reduces through dewatering. This technology is standard in all Electrolux soft-mount line 6 washers.

These innovative drain valve systems reduce dead water by 97%, saving up to 15 litres per cycle – and over 30,000 cycles equates to 450,000 litres saved. They are also lower maintenance compared to older-style mechanical gearbox drain valves.

Vend or communal laundries seldom offer internal heating due to the higher fusing cost for electricity. Instead they often rely on instantaneous hot water systems that also meet the needs of those who don’t need thermal disinfection. In nearly 100% of applications, On-Premise Laundries require internal heating for thermal disinfection, and to promote the best possible wash results.

Efficient Dosing is an industry first from Electrolux –  automatically adjusting the chemical, water and energy consumption according to the loaded weight. This improves wash results, reduces costs, improves rinsing and leads to an excellent guest experience. This is a standard feature on the Clarus Vibe controllers, and optional on Compass Pro controllers.

Drum diameter

The wider the drum diameter, the better fall of laundry and therefore the better mechanical action achieved.

Electrolux has some of the widest drums in the market, which is especially evident in the H washer models that have excellent wash quality (WH6-20 has a drum diameter of 725 mm and WH6-27 has a drum diameter of 795mm).

Having a wider drum also increases the door opening and allows easier loading and offloading of the washer – both key for ergonomics.

Degree of loading

Commonly referred to as DOL in laundry, this is the drum volume in litres per KG capacity. Here are three common examples of washer DOL:

1KG capacity per nine litres drum volume is the maximum load possible and generally how manufacturers rate their washers. A 240 litre drum volume washer divided by 9 means a 27KG capacity.

1KG capacity per 10 litres drum volume is the generally accepted loading calculation in Australia, and most suited to light to medium soil requirements. A 240 litre drum volume washer divided by 10 means a 24 KG capacity.

1KG capacity per 12 litres drum volume is for processing highly soiled or poly cotton fabrics, when you need to de-load the washer to increase mechanical action. A 240 litre drum volume washer divided by 12 means a 20KG capacity.


Anyone who works in a laundry full-time knows repetitive acts like reaching and bending can be tough – creating stress points and making the job more difficult (thus reducing productivity). By focusing on the physical and cognitive interaction between user and equipment, these motions can be made more comfortable for an all-around effortless experience.

Every Electrolux line 6 washer is certified to international standards of ergonomics and human-centred design. This means they’ve been user-tested to make sure operators will feel less tension and strain, leading to less  sick days and a more engaged workforce.

According to the Washington State Department of Labour, ergonomic interventions can reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders by 59%, with an average decrease of 75% in sick days and a 25% increase in productivity.

Where can I find out more about my industrial washer?

There are many things to consider when selecting an industrial washer, and the team at Richard Jay is on-hand to talk you through them all. Our senior management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in laundry and has supplied solutions to nearly every imaginable application.

Contact our friendly sales team today to find out how we can improve your laundry experience and delight your customers.