Introducing the myPro XL range by Electrolux Professional

Pro XL range

Perfect for small businesses that need extra capacity, the new Electrolux myPro XL washer and dryer are highly durable, fast and cost-efficient machines with a large load capacity up to 10kgs. This washer has superb cleanability with 4-field adjustable wash programs, including Disinfections program with different temperature and time selection.

The new myPro XL is available in single or stack configurations, along with coin or cashless payment options to suit a multitude of applications laundromats, tourist parks and student accommodation as well as the food, hospitality, beauty and healthcare industries.

The myPro XL washer offers faster and more efficient washing processes, including a default 35-minute cold-wash program.

Highly durable, with a 10,000+ cycle lifetime, designed to meet Australia’s demanding conditions and built to last 4 to 6 times longer than domestic machines.

  • Industrial cast iron bearing housing with 3 seals and SKF bearings.
  • Rugged spring & damper suspension, along with premium steel counterweights, ensures best in class vibration management.

Maximise utilisation of available space with our unique stacking kit, which can be done at any time, i.e. without needing to purchase a dedicated stacked unit. The dryer can be stacked on top of the washer or dryer on dryer. Giving you 2 machines in the floor space of one.

If your business is charging for machine cycles the myPro XL comes with options of Coin or Token operation plus the latest in cashless payment system eCleanPay. Perfect for Laundromats, Backpackers, Student accommodation sites. Remove cash from your business, providing remote analytics and the ability to run promotions / specials to encourage loyalty and increase turns during quiet periods, helping you run your equipment with less risk & smarter tools.

myPro XL dryer

Designed with small businesses in mind, the stackable myPro XL dryer has a professional heart and an energy-efficient soul – ideal for those with sensible budgets who want the benefits of professional features.

myPro XL leading efficient drying process with Axial airflow ensures short drying time and low energy-use.

myPro XL dryer features include:

Large, 10kg drying-load capacity contains commercial components and lasts nearly six times longer than domestic. The Drum is supported by five roller bearings for long-life. Design with easy cleanability and a heavy-duty lint screen.

This new range by Electrolux Professional is the larger-capacity big brother to the hugely successful myPro 8kg front-load washer and dryer – the first release in the line, and another great combination that can be stacked to save space, with two machines in the footprint of one. With a 7,500 cycle lifetime, this is a flexible, durable option for small businesses that want to save space and get great cleaning results.

With the myPro range available nationally now from Richard Jay, there’s never been a better time to invest in a durable, fast and cost-efficient laundry solution. Whether you want to purchase outright or discuss finance options with one of our friendly experts, get in touch with us today.