Introducing the GAS dryer that’s wowing laundry experts

At Richard Jay, we know a good laundry investment when we see one, and the new 10kg LG Giant C+ Gas Dryers are unlike anything we’ve seen in years. These sleek platinum gas-powered dryers are 2.5 x more energy efficient than electric dryers of the same capacity. Imagine what that adds up to in cost savings over a decade or more!
Yours from just $3 per day
The 10kg LG Giant C+ Gas Dryers are available with Richard Jay’s Capital Plus solution from just $3 per day fully installed with breakdown servicing included. That’s less than the cost of a coffee.
Performance with benefits
You can choose from a standalone single dryer or the space-saving stacked model with another dryer (or the companion LG Giant C+ washer) stacked underneath. The 10kg LG Giant C+ Gas Dryers are available in coin-operated, auto payment, e-CleanPay or manual operation. Customise yours according to your business needs.
While LG conventional dryers control air and gas flow by turning the unit on and off, LG commercial dryers allocate the appropriate amount of gas and air into several sections to control airflow and significantly increase energy efficiency.

Other reasons our laundry experts are so impressed with the LG Giant C+ Gas Dryer are that they have a reversible door that can open in either direction (depending on your laundry design) and AdaptAble controls that are always a convenient height – whether the machine is stacked or not.

*Australian Gas Association approved

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