Introducing Laundry Hygiene Australia

In light of the global outbreak of COVID-19, hygiene and infection control has been at the forefront of minds across the globe.

That’s why, here at Richard Jay, we’ve created the Laundry Hygiene Australia (LHA) website – a space that aims to provide comprehensive information and advice to healthcare, aged care, hospitality and other facilities looking to ensure they are providing adequate infection control and upholding the requirements of the Australia/New Zealand Laundry Practice AS/NZS 4146:2000.

With useful information on everything from barrier laundries and thermal disinfection to validation, laundry flow and bed-to-bed processes, the site also contains a handy breakdown of just what’s expected in the Australia/New Zealand Laundry Practice AS/NZS 4146:2000, as well as a comparison of on-site versus outsourced laundry facilities. To take a look or book a laundry audit for your business, visit the site today.