Introducing Electrolux Professional Line 6000 dryers to Australia

The latest Electrolux Professional Line 6000 tumble dryers have just arrived at Richard Jay and boy do they live up to the hype!

Significant savings in terms of energy, space and speed are now available to businesses across Australia, not to mention certified ergonomic excellence.

Dry more in less space

With a slim, narrow footprint of less than one square metre (regardless of heating system), Line 6000 tumble dryers fit into challenging spaces while providing optimal results.

The dryers are stackable and available capacities range from 6-37.5 kilograms.

Reduce energy consumption by 60%

Line 6000’s heat pump technology means there’s no need for an exhaust or a water-cooling system.

The heat pump line is suitable for installation almost anywhere thanks to its small footprint and plug-and-play capabilities.

The dryer’s clever Moisture Balance feature measures the exact moisture level throughout the drying process and ensures the machine shuts off the second your laundry is dry. This protects the integrity of garments and saves energy.

Get used to faster dry times

Whether your load contains delicate silk or heavy cotton, you can manually adjust the Drum Speed so that garments move correctly in the drum for faster drying*.

Meanwhile, the Adaptive Fan control adjusts the fan speed automatically to save energy, reduce drying time and provide an even drying result.

The Adaptive Fan function can also be used to reduce the noise level when needed, making it easier to install dryers in a challenging environment**.

Work comfortably & efficiently

With both the door and filter drawer positioned at the most ergonomically suitable height, Line 6000 dryers are easier to load and unload. There’s minimal bending for maximum comfort.

Line 6000 dryers also have an insulated glass door*** that stays cool on the outside to eliminate the risk of burned fingers or hands. It also keeps the heat inside so the room temperature is not disturbed during drying.

*The Drum Speed feature is only available for TD6-14 and TD6-20 models.
**The Adaptive Fan control feature is only available with the electric version.
***The insulated glass door is only available for TD6-14 and TD6-20 models.

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