In stock now: Electrolux Professional’s new generation Line 6000 drying cabinets

At Richard Jay, we’ve just unveiled the new range of Electrolux Professional Line 6000 drying cabinets. There are eight to choose from, depending on your business needs, and each offers unrivalled flexibility and superior textile care.

Dry PPE, workwear and outerwear without mechanical action

While conventional drying solutions have their limits because of the mechanical action, drying cabinets are gentle and flexible.

Shoes and weatherproof garments are where the drying cabinet comes into its own. Even items like professional sportswear, boots and gloves can be dried safely and thoroughly in a Line 6000 drying cabinet.

Dry sensitive garments without fear of damage

Gently drying delicate materials like wool, velvet, silk and linen can be tricky, but the Line 6000 range of drying cabinets allows you to dry even the most fragile fabrics with ease and efficiency.

The cabinets are designed to take special care of sensitive garments during the drying process, which is fast, energy efficient and ergonomic at every stage.

Save time and money

Line 6000 Drying Cabinets are more energy efficient than their electric counterparts. They’re also fast acting for overnight turnarounds your clients or guests can rely on.

Accessories are included

For best space utilisation and great drying results each time, Line 6000 drying cabinets are equipped with hanger sticks, shoe shelves and glove hangers.

Book a consultation with your Richard Jay representative or reserve a Line 6000 drying cabinet today. Call 1300 RICHARD (742 427).