Hygiene in focus at Australian Healthcare Week

Our partners in the healthcare industry are invited to meet the team from Richard Jay when we exhibit at Australian Healthcare Week on 27 and 28 March in Sydney.
Healthcare Week is the largest healthcare event in Australia with some 5000+ attendees. Free to attend, the two-day conference is an opportunity for Richard Jay to connect with the healthcare community as we explore strategies and solutions to improve service delivery.
As Australia’s trusted name in commercial laundry and warewashing, our company has a long tradition of partnering with hospitals, clinics, medical practices and specialist surgeries across Australia.
Naturally, hygiene is a chief concern in healthcare facilities – one that’s central to Richard Jay’s broader commitment to infection control in all commercial environments.
Our delegation will be at Booth AC47 promoting the hygiene-focused Electrolux Barrier Wash Systems, the Electrolux Efficient Dosing system and our own revolutionary all-inclusive subscription solution, JayWay.

The danger of dirty laundry improperly handled

Sick and elderly people are most at risk when it comes to infection outbreaks. With the flu season approaching and gastro outbreaks a common occurrence year round, it’s unsurprising that healthcare facilities have strict standards when handling clean linen, laundry, towels and personal clothing. ‘Dirty laundry’ can be a vector of infection outbreaks.

Protect your patients, staff and reputation with a barrier laundry system

A stringent infection control program along with an on-premise barrier laundry system is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of infection through your laundry.

Sold by Richard Jay throughout Australia, the Electrolux Professional brand has been working closely with care institutions for more than 30 years. It is the first manufacturer in the world to receive the HACCP accreditation for laundry systems.
With an Electrolux Professional barrier system, you can reduce the risk of cross contamination and meet the most stringent requirements of sanitation while gaining full control over your linen hygiene, cost, productivity and patient/resident wellbeing.
Optimise detergent use and water consumption
Studies have shown that the water-wise Electrolux Efficient Dosing System can save your organisation up to 40% in detergent costs and extend the life of linen and uniforms.
In stock now at Richard Jay, the Electrolux Efficient Dosing System works by automatically adjusting the quantity of detergent and water to the exact weight of the load in your washer. Water and detergent levels are adjusted at each step to lower the risk of either under-dosing or over-dosing (which is detrimental to your machinery and your garments).

Simplify your laundry function with JayWay

JayWay is our all-inclusive subscription service that covers all your laundry and warewashing requirements. Over the term of the JayWay contract, you pay just the one monthly fee calculated per patient, per day.

Our clients love JayWay because everything is taken care of (machinery, chemicals, maintenance, repairs and more), it makes budgeting easy, there’s no capital expenditure outlay and you deal with the one trusted provider for everything.
In Sydney? Learn more about JayWay during Healthcare Week.

Australian Healthcare Week details

• Register your attendance at https://www.austhealthweek.com.au/
• Find Richard Jay at Booth AC47
• Learn more about the Electrolux Evolution Range
• Learn more about JayWay
• Learn more about Electrolux Efficient Dosing