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Richard Jay are the go to people where Hygienic solutions for laundry are top of mind. Speak to us to learn the latest in machinery technologies to assist with infection control in your on-premise laundry. Take a look at our ReNew Ozone technology brochure here.

We consider how your laundry is handled, from when soiled linen is collected, then processed and stored. Richard Jay go further than just machinery, we partner with you to audit the laundry process to reduce outgoings and eliminate cross infection. Call 1300 742 427 today to discover how you can reduce cross infection in your facility with our holistic approach to laundry.

Ozone technology reduces the amount of chemicals used in the typical washing process. It aims to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency when it comes to laundry.

Electrolux Professional is the global expert in linen hygiene and offers the broadest range of solutions and best program flexibility on the market. Everything is developed in close cooperation with global hygiene experts.


Infection Control

Richard Jay understand the importance of infection control and potential cross infection in laundries. As such the machinery we offer for your laundry is the only one of its kind certified worldwide for the Risk Analysis Bio-contamination Control method (R.A.B.C).

Richard Jay have solutions to suit all laundries. From a 5.5kg front load washer for microfibre all the way through to 110kg Barrier Washer Technology for full On Premises Laundry. For maximum infection control whether you choose Thermal disinfection or Low temperature laundering through the use of Ozone Technology, we are able to provide you validation of your wash process with information whether your load has passed or failed disinfection.

ReNew Ozone


At Richard Jay we offer two world leading Ozone technologies, Renew Ozone and Bio Spin. Contact us today and we will help select the best Ozone solution for your requirements. Take a look at our ReNew Ozone technology brochure here.

The ReNew Ozone system is unique and starts by converting air to 90% pure oxygen. Then an electrical charge splits the oxygen molecules, which are reassembled to form Ozone. A patented interfuser delivers ozone directly into the water in the wash basket, which destroys bacteria and viruses. Fibres in the linen become opened which means greater cleaning and faster drying.

Biospin has truly revolutionized laundry with the self-monitoring, air quality independent, high-purity EOG ozone laundry system. BioSpin is powered by IEOG, the world's leading ozone technology with the highest purity of ozone generation.

Independant tests by microbiologists show that bacteria and harmful spores were still present on the linen using commonly used wash programs. An ozone process, by comparison, destroyed the bacteria and spores. An ozone system may be added to your existing laundry equipment, or is available in a completely new installation.

Ozone's strong disinfecting capabilities kill problematic microorganisms found in many soiled textiles, e.g., from hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, etc.

Barrier Washers

The World Health Organisation estimates healthcare associated infections at hundreds of millions per year, or 7 per 100 in developed countries and 10 per 100 in developing countries. With this in mind, Electrolux invented the Barrier Washer solution in 2003 to reduce healthcare associated infections. The Evolution Range is now the number one sold Barrier Washer in terms of unit sales.

Electrolux Hygiene Watchdog (HW) ensures that any wash program performs to its end before it allows unloading on the clean side. The best defense against the spreading of micro-organisms and cross infections.

The optimized design of the machine drum reduces the dead volume and saves water at each step you run. Coupled with the Electrolux Efficient Dosing System, your barrier washer will also automatically adjust the detergent quantity to the actual load inside, saving you detergent and money.

Microfibre Cleaning

Time is of the essence when it comes to processing cleaning materials such as mops and cloths, as well as company workwear. An in-house laundry solution from Electrolux Professional improves the efficiency of your facility’s cleaning operations, saving you time and money and improving availability.

Our expertise in cleaning microfibre materials helps you achieve the highest hygiene standards possible while keeping costs and downtime to a minimum. Tailored programs remove bacteria, dirt and stains efficiently during the laundry process so you always start your work day with the freshest, cleanest mops and cloths.

Every business wants clean, hygienic and safe facilities. Thanks to longstanding partnerships with leading microfibre suppliers and chemical companies, Electrolux Professional boasts unrivalled expertise in microfibre cleaning. Our uniquely designed Mop Washers feature specially designed programs offering an incredibly wide range of cleaning and preparation options – so the only limit is your imagination.
Take a look the Electrolux Microfibre brochure here.

Microfibre Cleaning

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