How washers with internal heat can save you money

In the beauty and wellness industry, hygiene is an essential consideration at every turn, and installing the right professional washer is vital to maintain industry standards.

Having high-performing laundry equipment in-house ensures full adherence to hygiene regulations and the best possible customer experience.

For salons, spas, barber shops and other businesses that use towels and linen on high rotation, a professional washer with internal heat is a worthwhile investment that will pay off for years to come. Not only does the washer heat to temperatures that achieve disinfection in line with Australian Standards, but it also dramatically improves wash results and stain removal. 

Considering chemicals are the second highest running cost after labour, reducing chemistry costs by utilising heat to achieve sanitation standards makes the whole wash more cost-effective and avoids using costly low-temperature chemicals.

Using heated wash cycles also cleans and removes build up inside the machine, keeping it in optimal condition for longer. 

Commercial washers and dryers offer superior efficiency, speed, longevity and serviceability,  allowing businesses to achieve results beyond the capacity of residential models. For example, Electrolux Professional washers are built to last for 30,000 cycles, or 8 cycles per day for 10 years!

These features translate to the lowest long term total cost of ownership.

For busy salons, barbers and spa businesses, Electrolux’s WH6-6 / TD6-6 stackable combo is an ideal solution.  A plug-and- play 240V solution, this machine saves space and decreases dry time to 63 minutes, eliminating the need for ducting.

For sites requiring a larger solution in 240V, we also have the PW9C / TD6-10 combo. Although it is not stackable, this combo has 50% greater capacity than the WH6-6 / TD6-6 models. 

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