How LG machines help Australians experiencing homelessness

Making the world a better place

One of our proudest community collaborations is with Orange Sky – the world’s first free mobile laundry in a van that provides clean clothes and conversation for people experiencing homelessness.

Richard Jay partnered with Orange Sky as a founding sponsor in 2014, knowing how freshly laundered clothes can make a person feel a little bit better and brighter about the future.

For this very special purpose we selected LG commercial washing machines from our range, and paired them with Brightwell dispensers to ensure each load comes out brilliantly clean.  With a robust direct driver motor and superior water efficiency, LG washing machines deliver outstanding durability and are dependable in all situations.

Orange Sky often reports back about how crucial these hard-working LG machines have been to the cause, given that the charity washes 700+ tonnes of laundry every week.

Donate to Orange Sky here.

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