How Electrolux Professional delivers outstanding mop and microfibre washing

With the onset of COVID-19, it’s never been more important for facilities to have the right solutions in place for effective mop and cloth washing – ones that meet the highest possible standards of hygiene.

Richard Jay has been partnering with facility managers across the nation for over five decades – consistently providing solutions that result in clean, hygienic and safe facilities including fast food outlets, supermarkets, defence housing and those cleaned by commercial contractors. We know just how many microfibre mops and cloths are used within each and every facility, and the impact their laundering has both on the levels of cleanliness achieved, and the associated time and resource costs.

Achieving the highest level of hygiene

The laundering processes used to clean microfibre mops and cloths are critical to delivering defense against the spread of microorganisms.

Whilst microfibre is a high-tech and washable material that requires less water and chemicals to produce phenomenal cleaning and disinfecting results, these advantages are lost unless a quality professional laundry system is used.

When it comes to achieving the highest level of hygiene with mop and microfibre cleaning, Electrolux Professional truly stands out. It offers a one-of-a-kind Mop Washer feature – a specifically designed program that gives a wide range of cleaning and preparation options through its special heating elements, an inner drum and a water-activated drain valve for quick drainage. This delivers truly best-in-class wash results and prevents drains from clogging.

Electrolux Professional also delivers a faster wash cycle – its drum Speed Soak feature speeds up the soaking process, resulting in the faster drainage of particles and making it more hygienic.

Achieving efficiencies

Cleaning workplaces, schools and healthcare facilities, amongst others, is a tough job requiring a lot of staff – often because the washing equipment is not ideal for the purpose. When it comes to cleaning mops and clothes, the Electrolux Professional range has solutions that streamline the process before, during and after washing – ultimately increasing efficiency and resulting in cleaner mops.

Traditional cleaning is a heavy, strenuous task, and working with mops is a large part of that work. Utilising effective Microfibre Cleaning – a system that involves eliminating a number of mopping stages, enhances efficiency and increases profitability, while also optimizing cleaning and improving the work environment.

  • Low operating-cost.
  • Machines designed to withstand rigorous use.
  • Custom programs and built-in timer.
  • Selectable spin time.
  • Mops are cleaner and prepared.
  • Working time is lessened.

Achieving cost-savings

Electrolux Professional also delivers cost-savings with its efficient dosing system – the ability to automatically calculate the required amount of detergent can result in up to a 20% saving in running costs, as well as achieving savings through extending the life of microfibre mops and cloths.

If you want to talk about how an Electrolux Professional solution can benefit your facility, contact us today – our friendly experts are here to help.