Great hand hygiene is right at your fingertips


With hygiene and infection control more important than ever before, it’s critical your business has a clear and actionable plan for hand hygiene throughout the company.

At Richard Jay, we’re proud to deliver a range of hand hygiene solutions to companies of all sizes throughout Australia. To make it easier for you to know you’re ensuring outstanding hand hygiene at every level of your business, we’ve summarised some of the very best options around.

Purehold  – Anti-bacterial door handles

Scientists have confirmed that superbugs (and COVID-19) can live on door handles for days. As a result, reducing and removing the risk of infections spreading via door use is hugely important.

In October 2019, Richard Jay introduced the innovative Purehold range of products to the Australian market. Whether doors are in a high or low-risk area and are push or pull, this range of handle solutions works hard to improve hand hygiene and reduce cross-contamination between users.

Purehold handle solutions use silver ion technology and highly effective hand sanitiser to kill 99.9% of bacteria, including E-coli, salmonella, streptococcus, staphylococcus and campylobacter. Unlike the majority of other hand-hygiene solutions which focus on a user taking action such as washing or sanitising their hands, Purehold does the work for the user.

Hand Hygiene


Brightwell  – Advanced soap and paper dispensing

Obviously hand hygiene in the bathroom is critical, with handwashing being one of the most effective ways for a person to protect themselves and the wider community from getting sick. In light of COVID-19, every bathroom user now expects businesses to provide fully effective hand-hygiene products – no matter what the type of business.

Richard Jay partners with the UK’s Brightwell to bring advanced washroom dispensing solutions, including soap and paper dispensing, to Australian businesses. These dispensers suit all types of venues including schools, offices, commercial kitchens, hospitals, light industrial workplaces and motorway services, and the range also includes a collection for luxury environments such as executive offices, hotels, bars and restaurants.

Innovative touch-free dispensers for soap and sanitizer can offer a highly effective method of infection control, and we offer a range of these options – including stainless steel stands that are ideal for receptions, entrances and staff rooms – from Brightwell and other manufacturers.

Hand Hygiene


JayWipes  – Sanitising when soap isn’t an option

As they require a washbasin, hand-soap dispensers aren’t a practical option for all businesses and locations – and that’s where Richard Jay’s JayWipes hand and surface wipes come in. Our high-quality wet-wipe range encourages cleanliness and hand hygiene on-the-go, with wall-mounted dispensers offering wipes infused with mild cleansers and antibacterial agents – delivering waterless sanitising and effective deodorising of hands.

Hand Hygiene


To discuss the best hand-hygiene solution for your business, contact a friendly Richard Jay expert today.