Go cashless & fend off thieves with Richard Jay

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By switching from coin-op to cashless payment systems, not only are you doing your customers a favour… you’re also giving petty thieves one less reason to target your laundromat.
It’s a sad state of affairs that some coin-operated laundromats in Australia have recently been targeted by opportunistic crooks after a quick buck.
What usually happens is that the robbers (sometimes under the influence of drug ice, according to police) enter unmanned laundromats in the dead of night and use a crowbar to access the coin reservoirs in washing machines and dryers.

Not only are the day’s/week’s/month’s takings lost; the thugs cause untold damage to expensive equipment in the process.

Upgrading to Richard Jay’s secure cashless payment systems, which are powered by Queensland company Paypont, is an easy way to eliminate this risk and protect your business.

Customers much prefer to pay by card these days anyway, so really it’s a win-win for your laundromat.

Increase revenue
By removing the cash barrier, e-CleanPay technology increases revenue for your business and improves the laundry experience
e-CleanPay is a simple smartphone payment system that allows for seamless transactions. It can work in conjunction with KIOSK – a secure PayWave reader – or you can opt for a tap ’n’ go set-up.
Why go cashless?
+ Remove temptation for petty criminals targeting laundromats
+ Eliminate the cash barrier in our cashless society
+ Automatic tax receipts available to user
+ No lock-in contracts
+ Remote machine access from your smartphone
+ Automatic settlement of card payments to nominated bank account in 24-48 hours
+ Retro-fit the system to existing laundry machinery
+ Works with card swipe & EMV international chip cards

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