GMP E160.30 Chest Ironer is the perfect choice

Compleat Linen Laundry Manager Carolyn is very pleased with the GMP E160.30 Chest Ironer from Richard Jay.
“It has been absolutely fantastic. Because of the adjustable speed and the temperature as well. I find it to be perfect, for pretty much everything I need it to do. I would highly recommend it to anybody”, says Carolyn.
Hear what Carolyn has to say:

The electronic temperature control with freely adjustable temperature gives this ironer model the necessary flexibility required to achieve excellent results.
The GMP E160.30 Chest Ironer is dedicated to medium-size laundries. Suitable to iron linen up to 3.2 meters width. GMP E160 can also process linen after a pre-drying phase, using an ideal residual moisture of 25%.
More information on GMP 160.30 Chest Ironer available here.

A perfect choice for all the laundries where constant productivity and low maintenance costs are required.
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