Give your laundry business a boost with Richard Jay’s secondhand equipment program

Are you looking to upgrade your commercial and industrial laundry equipment but facing budget constraints? Richard Jay’s new secondhand equipment program offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Taking a proactive step towards sustainability, and inline with our commitment to environmental responsibility, we offer businesses an affordable option to meet their laundry needs without compromising on quality or efficiency.

One of the key advantages of purchasing this secondhand equipment is the access to high-performance industrial machines at a fraction of the cost. Often, businesses may opt for lower performance or less efficient products due to price constraints. However, with Richard Jay’s secondhand program, these businesses can affordably upgrade to top-tier equipment that meets their specific needs, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

The source of our secondhand inventory primarily stems from our massive rental fleet. As customers renew their agreements with new equipment, well-maintained machines in good condition are returned to our warehouses. Additionally, changes in customer plans or site requirements may prompt the need for equipment upgrades, further contributing to the availability of quality secondhand laundry machinery.

Reliable and functional secondhand laundry equipment

Before being offered for sale, all returned equipment undergoes a rigorous assessment by our in-house technical team. Only equipment in condition is deemed suitable for the secondhand program, ensuring that customers receive reliable and functional machinery. Furthermore, the equipment sold typically has a significant portion of its operational lifespan remaining, as we rarely offer products with more than two-thirds of their designed lifespan consumed.

At Richard Jay, we also extend our secondhand program to include “scratch and dent” commercial equipment. This category includes products with minor cosmetic damage incurred during freight handling, rendering them unsuitable for sale as new. However, these machines are fully operational and are offered at discounted prices, providing businesses with an affordable alternative without compromising functionality.

To provide peace of mind to customers, Richard Jay offers a 1-month warranty on all parts, along with travel and labour for fitment within 50km of metro areas. For those seeking extended warranty options, talk to our team about tailoring solutions to your specific requirements.

With warehouses located across various states including QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, and WA, Richard Jay ensures convenient access to its secondhand equipment inventory, and all sales are initiated via the enquiry form on the website.

Richard Jay’s secondhand equipment program lets you upgrade your laundry operation with high-quality, sustainable solutions at a fraction of the cost.  To see what’s available, visit the secondhand and clearance page of our website.