Feature highlight: Power Balance

Ensuring the correct load in every machine and every wash cycle is the key to getting the best out of your commercial and industrial laundry equipment.

In fact, underloading or mix loading significantly increases the stress on machines, particularly during the final extraction, when stress reaches a peak.

This creates imbalance in the machine, which can have an immediate and long-term effect on energy consumption.

With Electrolux’s industry-leading Power Balance system, our WH6 soft mount washers are designed to manage the additional stress and imbalances created by lower load factors during the final extraction process.

The Power Balance system uses an accelerometer that’s physically mounted to the drum, which monitors & manages drum movement / vibration.

If drum movement is low, the washer ramps up G-force to the maximum programmed extraction, up to 450G in WH6 models, whereas if unbalance is high, the washer will reduce the spin to a point of manageable stress & increase spin speeds once the imbalance reduces through dewatering.

By measuring and managing vibration and G-force in real time, the system maximises machine and component lifespans, minimising vibration, and improves dewatering and drying efficiency to prevent damage to delicate fabrics.

This not only protects the appliance, but it also enhances extraction once the imbalance reduces through dewatering.

As all Electrolux Professional washers are designed to last 30,000 cycles with 5 mins of extraction per cycle, this equates to 150,000 minutes of extraction at the maximum advertised G-force.

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