Feature highlight: Automatic Savings

Chemicals, water and energy are some of the biggest expenses involved in running a laundry, however with the right technology, it’s possible to minimise these costs through an automated processes. 

While competitors follow the absorption principle that focuses on adding water to maintain water levels until the load is fully saturated, Richard Jay is proud to promote Automatic savings from Electrolux, standard on WS6 / WH6 washers.

This technology weighs each load and adjusts water and energy levels accordingly, reducing water usage by 20-40% in an underloaded environment, and also reducing the time and cost of operation. 

In addition to water savings, CompassPro WS6 / WH6 washers also reduce chemical costs by 20-40% through the Efficient Dosing System, in turn improving rinsing results, while ClarusVibe models have chemical savings built in.

A standard 24 kg capacity washer requires approximately $72,000 worth of chemicals over is designed life of 30,000 cycles, however with chemical savings, this cost is often reduced to $57,600, saving around $14,400 on chemicals alone over the life of the machine. 
<A machine with built-in Automatic Savings technology is an investment in the short and long term future of your business – and if you need advice or assistance to select the right machine or combination, the Richard Jay team is here to help.

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