Empowering Moxy Services with an End-to-End Solution for Quality and Cost Savings

Richard Jay and JayChem collaborate to revolutionise laundry services, delivering superior outcomes and optimising costs for their valued customers.

In the case of Moxy Services, a specialist provider of property services for holiday and residential rentals, Richard Jay and JayChem joined forces to assist them with providing an unparalleled laundry service to their diverse clientele. Recognising the need to enhance the quality of their laundry output while reducing expenses, Moxy Services made the decision to bring their laundry operations in-house. To achieve this goal, they invested in cutting-edge Electrolux Professional equipment and embraced the comprehensive solutions offered by JayChem.

The following equipment was seamlessly installed at their premises:

  • 2 x WH6-33CV – Electrolux Industrial Washers, with a capacity of 33KG and a powerfully efficient 450G force.
  • 2 x TD6-37G – Electrolux Industrial Dryers, featuring Axial Airflow technology and a substantial capacity of 37KG.
  • 1 x IC43320 – Electrolux Flatwork Ironer, spanning an impressive 2 metres.
  • 1 x JayCloud dispensing/reporting system to validate that AS4146:2000 disinfection is achieved for every wash cycle.

By integrating advanced technology, expert advice, and industry leading equipment, Moxy Services has taken their offering to new heights, delighting their customers, and achieving remarkable savings.  

Together, Richard Jay and JayChem are proud to deliver a comprehensive and efficient one-stop solution that exceeds expectations and sets new standards in the world of laundry services.