Trust Electrolux to lead the way in disinfection

Richard Jay Electrolux Professional and RISE

Today, the demand for disinfected laundry is front of mind in every on-site laundry – be it a hotel, hospital or aged care home.

When you choose an Electrolux Professional laundry system, you can rely on machines, programs and traceability systems that ensure the highest possible disinfection results on all linen and textiles.

As a proud partner of Electrolux Professional, Richard Jay supports the Swedish brand’s long-term alliance with RISE. RISE is Sweden’s official innovation institute offering unique expertise and 100+ testbeds and demonstration environments devoted to creating future-proof technology.

Electrolux Professional works with RISE to ensure your linen is thoroughly disinfected during every wash cycle. For years, they have worked to identify and validate the most suitable protocol for destroying harmful pathogenic microorganisms in textiles during the laundry process.

Disinfection assured – Electrolux Professional Line 6000 range now available

Richard Jay is pleased to offer the entire Electrolux industrial product line to businesses across Australia, including the newly released next generation industrial Line 6000 range.

Line 6000 washers have been developed with Electrolux Professional Global Hygiene Advanced programs and hygiene process protocols.

Extensive R&D lab testing on all Line 6000 washers led Electrolux to a precise fine-tuning of every parameter – not only temperature and time, but also water level and load to ensure you can manage your laundry without concerns.

This is how we can offer you tested, tailored and validated solutions delivered from Swedish laboratories as Plug&Play systems for your business.

Want to know more? Call 1300 742 427 or email for a full rundown on the Electrolux Professional Line 6000 range.