Our bestselling plug ’n’ play laundry combo

Electrolux plug'n'play combo

At Richard Jay, we’ve noticed a trend developing over time: traditional commercially built, small capacity washing machines are declining in popularity. This is partly because new-generation industrial front-loader technology has improved out of sight in recent years.

Our customers are increasingly looking for small to medium capacity machines, opting for the WH6-6 Electrolux Professional front-loading washer in tandem with the Electrolux TD6-6 condenser dryer – a stackable combination with unbeatable performance that doesn’t require ducting.

Clients who’ve already switched over to this dynamic duo include a number of McDonald’s restaurants, student accommodation, mining camps, hairdressers, beauty salons and facility laundry to name a few.

Laundry machinery for businesses is changing fast because of amazing design innovations at companies like Electrolux. Having stocked the brand for years, we can’t say we’re surprised. Leave it to the Swedes to lead the way in design!

Excellence is central to everything Electrolux Professional does. What matters most is a higher performance, higher productivity and lower running costs for your laundry. The brand develops the world’s most sustainable and flexible laundry solutions using customer insights to improve functionality, productivity and ergonomics.

The WH6-6 is designed to last for 30,000 wash cycles – three times longer than its nearest commercial competitor. Not only does it offer internal heating on a 15amp 240V plug, it also has fully programmable cycles to meet every requirement and precise water levels to help effectively remove high soiling in the prewash. The main wash runs at 65C for 10 minutes – easily meeting the Australian Laundry Standard for thermal disinfection – followed by three high-level rinses to ensure detergent is removed. Electrolux Professional WH6-6 also boasts a water-extraction rate that’s three-to-four times higher than traditional top-load washers to minimise dry times.

A turbo-charged dryer to match – no ducting required

Often purchased with the WH6-6 is the Electrolux Professional TD6-6 – a high-powered condenser dryer that’s perfect for situations where ducting isn’t possible and ease of installation is a huge advantage.

With a 63-minute dry time and a 20amp 240V plug & play solution, this 30,000-cycle dryer offers up to three times the durability of most commercial dryers. The reversing drum ensures larger items don’t tangle up in a ball and helps reduce dry times by up to 10 minutes compared with a non-reversing drum dryer.

The TD6-6 also has an industry-leading residual moisture control system, which prevents over-drying to save energy and extend textile life.

Talk about a space-saving dynamic duo! As you can see, this simple, stackable laundry system packs two high-powered machines in the space of one without sacrificing on performance.

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