Effortless Uniformity & Maximum Labour Efficiency with Automatic Towel Folders

Commercial laundries handling a high volume of towels understand the critical role that efficiency plays in their operations. The integration of a towel folder can significantly streamline and automate the folding and stacking process, reducing labour requirements and enhancing overall productivity.

For laundries processing hundreds of towels per hour, a towel folder stands out as an indispensable asset. Its automation capabilities not only expedite the folding process but also ensure a consistent and uniform finish, crucial in industries where quality and speed are paramount.

At Richard Jay, we understand how important labour efficiency is in laundry, which is why we stock Tolon’s TTF200 towel folder. This machine has a maximum output of 900 to 1250 & is able to sort 3 different sizes of Towels with its 3 folding lanes, along with automatic counting to simplify inventory management.

Streamline your laundry operations with Tolon’s Towel Folder from Richard Jay. Increase efficiency, reduce labour costs, and achieve a consistent finish.

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