Dryer Feature Highlight: Reversing Drums

For businesses with a regular laundry processing requirement, operational efficiency is key, and it often comes down to simple equipment features like a dryer with a reversing drum. 

More commonly found in industrial dryers, reversing drums improve the dry process and results in several ways. 

While lower cost domestic / commercial appliances use only one motor to drive both the drum and the airflow, meaning that the drum can only turn in one direction, reversing drums are designed to improve the dry process in several ways. 

Dryers with reversing drums redistribute the wet area of the load, decreasing drying times by 7 to 10 minutes. This also decreases energy usage by approximately 20%, savings that can make a significant difference even in the smallest models. 

  For example, even the second smallest dryer from Electrolux Professional – the TD6-10 with a 10 kg load capacity – will save 24,000 kW which, at a cost of $0.25 per kW, adds up to $6,000 over the machine’s life.
In the most popular Electrolux Professional Vend dryer model, TD6-17S, the reversing drum feature saves around 226’800MJ over the machine’s 30’000 cycle life, which adds up to $8’804 per machine pocket (each TD6-17S has two pockets). 

Considering most commercial and industrial laundromats have at least 4 x TD6-17S machines, the savings across your business could be significant!  

Finally, the reversing drum prevents large items from “tangling” and “balling”, decreasing the amount of time required to detangle dried garments. 

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