Dryer feature highlight: Axial Airflow

In any commercial laundry, the dryer is the biggest consumer of energy, and choosing a model with a high energy efficiency rating is essential to reducing operating costs long-term.

The dryer airflow – whether radial or axial – has a major impact on the efficiency of each machine.

Radial airflow dryers are an older design, and although they are cheaper to build, they are less energy efficient, allowing up to 20% of the heat generated to skirt around the drum and increasing long-term operating costs.

Modern dryers designed with Axial Airflow use an airtight system that prevents skirting and ensures that 100% of heat generated passes through the basket, ultimately reducing energy costs by 20%.

The Axial Airflow feature is included in all Electrolux Professional TD6 dryers ranging from 6 to 37 kilograms, all of which are in stock at Richard Jay.

In our most popular Electrolux Professional on-premise-laundry dryer model TD6-37 with a maximum wet load of 37 kg, this feature saves approximately 259,200 MJ over 30,000 cycles.

At a cost of $0.03 per MJ, this adds up to savings of $7,776 – a significant advantage for businesses facing rising energy costs.
Given that most OPLs have 2-4 x TD6-37s, the right machine could produce significant savings across your business.

Is your OPL currently operating with outdated or inefficient equipment? Richard Jay can select, deliver and install modern, cost-effective dryers that save you time and money. To speak to a member of our team, give us a call on 1300 742 427.