Dry more in less time with the latest release from Electrolux


Now in stock and ready to ship, the latest offering from Electrolux must be seen to be believed. The Swedish brand’s new Line 6000 tumble dryers are several laps ahead of other dryers in terms of energy savings and speed.

The range uses heat pump technology to produce the fastest drying time on the market (up to 16kg in 42 minutes*). If that wasn’t impressive enough, they also take up less space and use much less power than traditional professional dryers, saving you at least 60% on utility costs.

Trust Electrolux to take a human-centred approach that delivers brilliant results while caring for the environment and saving you money.

Makes repetitive movements less tiring to the operators
Not only are they super-fast and energy efficient, Electrolux Line 6000 dryers also excel in terms of usability. The certified ergonomic range earned a prestigious 4-star rating in compliance with international standards.

Ergonomic features include the ideal height, a better grip, no risk of burned fingers and a sturdy and reliable door.

Users report feeling less tension, effort and strain when operating the machines because each repetitive movement is less tiring.

Electrolux Line 6000 benefits at a glance

  • Do business more sustainably + save 60% on energy costs with heat pump technology
  • Dry more in less time
  • Just press a button for excellent results
  • 16kg in 42 minutes – the shortest drying time on the market
  • Remote data access
  • Outstanding productivity

Certified ergonomic to make repetitive movements less tiring

Looking to invest in dryer speed, performance and sustainability? Ask your Richard Jay account manager to tell you more about Electrolux Line 6000 dryer models.

*At rated capacity, 100% cotton load at 50% initial moisture dried to 0%