Dry and Ready to Ride

In a bid to support eco-friendly commuting and improve the workplace environment for its staff, our Melbourne-based facility management client recently introduced a dedicated “End of Trip Area” for employees who bike to work.

The newly renovated facility now offers a range of amenities tailored to cyclists’ needs. These include secure bike storage, well-equipped change rooms with showers, and approximately 100 lockers spanning two floors. To further enhance the experience for bike commuters, Richard Jay installed six DC6-4 – Electrolux Drying Cabinets, each with a 4KG capacity.

These drying cabinets play an important role in streamlining cyclists’ daily routines. After their commute, riders can effortlessly dry their worn Lycra sets, socks, shoes, and jackets using the drying cabinets. The garments are efficiently dried, ensuring that employees always have fresh, dry clothing ready for their journey home at the end of the workday.

Is your business looking to create or upgrade staff amenities for commuting employees? To learn more about the utilisation and installation of drying cabinets, give us a call on 1300 742 427.