Done on a deadline: Richard Jay completes Pumair Laundromat installation

As trusted partners of Australian business owners since 1969, the Richard Jay team knows the value of efficient, effective laundry solutions implemented quickly.

We recently completed a complete laundromat supply and installation for a client of Pumair Investments – a company with 33 years of experience financing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and laundromat projects.

The client’s project required the delivery and installation of washing machines, dryers and cashless payment systems within a very tight deadline.

Although Pumair approached multiple suppliers of laundry equipment, none had the stock available to complete the installation in time.

Not only did Richard Jay have all units in stock, but we were also able to complete the delivery and installation within just two weeks – a remarkably fast turnaround.

Our team installed nine Electrolux Professional units, all fitted with Nayax cashless payment technology. Models included:

• 2 x TD6-17S
• 1 x TD6-24S
• 2 x WN6-9CP
• 2 x WN6-14CP
• 1 x WN6-20CP
• 1 x WN6-28CP

This is the latest in a series of installations that demonstrate our commitment to supplying the equipment our customers need, when they need it.

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