Disinfection technologies & laundry hygiene

How do you know you’re achieving best practice disinfection in your commercial laundry? With the very best technology has to offer of course! Richard Jay has a solution for every Australian commercial laundry.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, making sure that linen and personal items are properly disinfected is vitally important. That’s why Richard Jay supplies a range of world-leading laundry disinfection technologies.

Our solutions include barrier laundry technology, thermal disinfection, chemical disinfection and revolutionary ozone systems. To help you decide which approach is right for your organisation, here we break down the ins and outs of our most highly rated disinfection technologies.


Barrier laundries

Barrier laundry systems can solve many issues arising within industries where the risk of cross-contamination is imperative. Richard Jay experts can recommend Electrolux barrier solutions that are proven to deliver reliable disinfection for the healthcare, aged care, childcare and hospitality industries.

According to Australian Laundry Standards AS/NZS 4146:2000, clean linen must be stored at least two metres away from dirty linen and ideally separated by a physical barrier. Barrier washing systems were launched by Electrolux in 2003 to reduce infection outbreaks, and the brand’s Evolution barrier range is now the bestselling in the world. With two doors, barrier washers are built into a ‘barrier’, which is a partition or wall that separates the doors. This effectively allows soiled laundry to be loaded in a room on one side and clean, decontaminated laundry to emerge in another.

Strict standards ensure that every wash program performs to the end of its cycle before unloading on the clean side. This is the very best defence against the spread of microorganisms and cross-infection.

All barrier laundry technology on offer at Richard Jay is certified worldwide for the Risk Analysis Bio-contamination Control method (RABC).


Thermal disinfection & validation technology

Thermal disinfection refers to washing clothes at a hot enough temperature to achieve true disinfection. Australian Standards state that a load of laundry should be washed at a minimum of 65 degrees Celsius for no less than 10 minutes or a minimum of 71 degrees Celsius for no less than three minutes.

Richard Jay’s team of experts can recommend ways to guarantee thermal disinfection, including the use of Electrolux’s efficient dosing system (EDS)  – a smart function that provides information on whether or not each wash cycle delivered desired temperatures and correct chemical dosing.

Not only does EDS produce validation reports to ensure your business is adhering to official hygiene guidelines, it can also save you up to 40 per cent in chemical costs. Across the entire range of Electrolux industrial washing machines, EDS is a simple way of knowing if standards have been met.


Chemical disinfection

An alternative to thermal disinfection, chemical disinfection is an effective option where fabric is heat sensitive and too delicate to be washed at hot temperatures.

Chemical disinfection occurs when chemical products are introduced into the wash cycle and balanced with a certain temperature and pH level. As with thermal disinfection, the chemical disinfectants need to be in contact with fabric for a certain period of time.

Chemical disinfectant methods available from Richard Jay via JayChem, our chemical division, include chlorine-based products, hydrogen peroxide and ozone systems.


Ozone system

Ozone is a highly reactive, naturally occurring gas – a strong natural oxidiser that acts as an effective biocide and fungicide.

Exclusive to Richard Jay, ReNew Ozone technology reduces your laundry’s reliance on hot water and chemicals in the wash process while delivering exceptional infection control. ReNew Ozone systems work with the power of Ozone (O3) to kill problematic microorganisms found in soiled textiles from hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

Independent tests by microbiologists show that bacteria and harmful spores were still present on linen following commonly used wash cycles. A ReNew Ozone process, by comparison, destroyed the bacteria and spores. Ask your Richard Jay representative how you can add a ReNew Ozone system to your existing laundry equipment or build it into a completely new installation.

In 2020 Richard Jay launched Laundry Hygiene Australia – a new initiative that provides comprehensive information and advice to healthcare, aged care, prisons and other facilities looking to ensure they are upholding Australian Standards when it comes to disinfection.

If you’d like to know more about the disinfection technologies available to you, visit laundryhygiene.com.au or phone Richard Jay on 1300 742 427.