Delivering your residents in aged care the best in laundry

Maintaining an effective laundry operation is essential, not only for your business but for your residents’ comfort, happiness and overall quality of life.

At Richard Jay, we understand the importance of effective laundry outcomes for residents’ wellbeing and happiness, and we are trusted by aged care facilities across Australia to supply and install leading on-premise laundry solutions that deliver.

We also understand the pressures on facilities to ensure that on-premise laundries comply with AS/NZS 4146:2000 Australian New Zealand Laundry Standards while also operating effectively and driving cost efficiency.

Whether you need a brand new installation or an upgrade for your existing on-premise laundry, we’ve got you and your business covered.

Essential – For smaller aged care facilities or established operations yet to switch to a barrier system, the essentials – an industrial hard mount washer & dryer combination – are sufficient for great wash & disinfection results. The WN6-28 is a reliable solution that provides the best wash results with residual moisture content, around 65% after final extraction. Popular models include:

Premium – An industrial soft mount washer & dryer delivers the added benefit of reduced energy consumption and extended fabric life. The WH6-27 / TD6-37 are great for facilities looking to reduce their energy consumption. The residual moisture content, around 45% after final extraction, leads to short drying times and less energy usage. Popular models include:

Ultimate – For a truly comprehensive laundry and infection control solution, Richard Jay recommends the Electrolux Professional industrial barrier laundry, particularly in new facilities.

The barrier laundry includes uniquely designed washers that are built into a physical wall, loading soiled laundry from one side, and unloading clean, disinfected laundry from the other. This physical separation of clean and dirty laundry is best practice for minimising risk of cross contamination. Popular models include:

Whichever machine best suits your aged care facility requirements, Richard Jay can deliver.

Through our JayChem division, we also offer chemical programs and dispensing technology completely tailored to your facility for cleaner, safer, more efficient outcomes.

Do you need a laundry solution that works for your residents and for your business? To find out more about how we can help you deliver the best in care, call us on 1300 RICHARD (1300 742 427).