Dedicated to the nations facility managers

A highlight for the Richard Jay team is exhibiting at the annual Total Facilities conference, where global experts gather to meet with Australia’s facilities managers and demonstrate the best in efficient, labour-saving products and services.

Australia’s most important facilities management event will be held in Sydney on 20 and 21 March 2019. This year’s Total Facilities theme is exploring ‘environments of excellence’. Attendees will discover the latest and smartest ways our built environment can help us realise our full potential via intelligent living and work spaces.

At Richard Jay, we’ve been providing high-quality commercial laundry solutions to the facilities management industry for decades. We know that effective facilities management hinges on having trusted suppliers you can count on for high-performing equipment, repairs and servicing.

These essential partnerships give our facilities managers the support they need to keep everything running smoothly. All Richard Jay solutions are carefully selected for durability, reliability and maximum return on capital investment, whilst meeting the requirements of each facility.

Introducing Richard Jay warewashing

Total Facilities is the ideal place for our passionate experts to show facilities managers new ways we can assist them. This year, we’re excited to introduce our warewashing division, JayWare, to the facilities management community.JayWare by Richard Jay delivers fresh and innovative warewashing solutions from Australia’s trusted name in commercial laundry. Our high-quality warewashing machines are designed and manufactured in Italy to exacting European standards.

The simplest way to slash maintanance costs

With connectivity a key theme at Total Facilities this year, we look forward to showcasing our exclusive remote monitoring system, CM2W. The team will demonstrate how CM2W connectivity technology is set to revolutionise facilities management by reducing costly maintenance by up to 90%. It’s a simple add-on that ensures precise chemical dosing from anywhere and can easily be retro-fitted to any existing laundry or warewashing chemical installation.

Changing the way you think about laundry and warewashing

Richard Jay understands that all facilities have different needs and budgeting requirements that must be kept in balance. That’s why, for a long time, we have offered a range of flexible payment options. Listening to facility managers talk about how they’d prefer to do things in an ideal world inspired us to create JayWay.

JayWay is our all-new, all-inclusive subscription service that covers all of your laundry and warewashing needs. You pay just the one monthly fee calculated per day on a per load – bed – resident – guest -rack basis for everything. The choice is yours.

If you’ve been dealing with a multitude of providers for your laundry and warewashing needs, this revolutionary new solution brings all of your requirements under one umbrella. Imagine dealing with the one representative for everything! At Total Facilities, the Richard Jay team can talk to you about how this can be possible.

“As a busy facilities manager, I find the team at Richard Jay easy to deal with, cooperative, responsive and keen to work with Spotless. Richard Jay scored 86/100 in the Spotless 6-month performance rating system, which assesses sub-contractors based on system quality, response to breakdown repairs, prompt completion of preventative maintenance work and having no long-term open jobs.” – Arthur Karantonis, Procurement and Subcontractor Manager, Spotless Facilities Management.

We invite all our facilities manager partners to join us for Total Facilities in Sydney. The 2-day program is free to attend and you can register at