Commercial machines that can cope with the influx of new visitors at caravan parks

Since COVID-19, caravan parks have risen in popularity among those looking to explore Australia without blowing the budget on hotel accommodation and expensive air travel.

The new-gen holidaymakers who choose caravan parks tend to be a mixed bag of young couples, families and grey nomads – those who previously would have flown overseas or interstate.

While this has led to more revenue for facility owners, it has also increased competition and the strain on facilities as patrons flock to the best-rated caravan parks around the country.

Well-maintained laundry facilities with high-quality, large-capacity commercial machines are a major attraction for travellers dealing with messy kids and muddy conditions.

Selecting the right machinery for your caravan park laundry is critical to your overall guest experience, which means there are several key factors to consider when making your decision.

Make sure your machines are fit for purpose

It’s worth investing in commercial-grade washers and dryers that are durable enough to withstand constant use while also delivering consistently high-quality, hygienic wash results for your guests. In the long run, choosing commercial over domestic-use machinery will minimise your laundry expenses – including those incurred by unexpected breakdowns and total machinery replacements.

A modern caravan park laundry should also look to provide an up-to-date payment experience. While many caravan parks offer free on-site facilities (with costs built into the site fee), those that don’t should cater to their customer base by offering cashless payment solutions

We know how to make your laundry the best it can be

After 50-odd years in the business, Richard Jay has proven reliability in the caravan washer and dryer market. We stock globally renowned models from leading brands including Electrolux Professional and LG Commercial, as well as providing cashless payment solutions, advice and complete laundry systems tailored to your site and guest demographics.

Here’s a selection of the commercial washers and dryers loved by Australia’s caravan park owners. All are in stock now at Richard Jay:

LG Commercial Platinum Giant C Max CWG27MSORS 

The Platinum Giant C manual washer from LG is perfect for any commercial laundry, with a large 10kg capacity and plenty of features designed to enhance the wash quality. It features liquid dosing technology, a gyro sensor to manage vibrations and a direct drive motor, making it the industry’s quietest commercial washer. The LG Giant C comes in coin- and card-operated models with a stylish platinum design.

For more details, visit LG Washer Model CWG27 

LG Commercial dryer Giant C Platinum CDG27RSOES/CDG27RUQNS 

LG Commercial dryers are designed to balance energy efficiency with performance, and the Giant C Platinum is no exception. With a capacity of 10kg, this manual model is highly efficient in both energy and water consumption. It also features a reversible door for the ultimate ergonomic user experience.

For more details, visit LG Dryer Model CDG27

Are your caravan park amenities looking worse for wear? When it’s time for an upgrade, the team at Richard Jay can tailor a solution to your business and the needs of your guests. Give us a call on 1300 742 427 to talk to a specialist directly.