Coin-operated Washers

Coin-operated washers

Richard Jay was founded as a coin laundry in Adelaide in 1969, with the current owners often helping their father collect and count coins from their various coin-operated laundromats. We’ve seen many changes over the years, particularly with the recent movement from coin to cashless technology after the Covid pandemic.

We stock a large variety of coin-operated washers and dryers, with our strongest growth coming from vend applications – meaning we have a deep understanding of what solution best suits each customer.

LG Commercial Laundry

As the fourth largest distributor of LG Commercial Laundry products globally, we place thousands of washers and dryers in various locations every year. We’ve seen the brand go from strength to strength through innovative products with great support.

Our flagship models are the Giant range of 10KG washers and dryers, which are stocked in our Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth warehouses. This means we’re often able to offer ex-stock deliveries in each major city with short lead times.

The newest addition to our range is the Titan range of 15KG washers and dryers. These are the largest commercial platforms available on the market today, and set the standard from an innovation perspective.

Key advantages to consider

A direct drive washer motor results in the quietest appliance on market, with a unique wash action that drives a better wash experience.

Wifi-capability with no monthly subscription cost means owners can change pricing and create promotions remotely, driving better analytics to allow investors to run their businesses remotely.

A Twin Spray pump under the drain pump cavity recirculates water into the drum, speeding up saturation times and reducing SUDS issues that plague competitor pump-out washers.

An atomising spray feature cleans water into the door bellow, and in conjunction with Twin Spray keeping the door seal drained, keeps the door seal clean and hygienic.

The accelerometer located on the outer drum manages vibration and makes for speedier cycle times. Other machines without this feature can take many more minutes to rebalance the load, or if too imbalanced not extract.

Liquid dosing connections are standard, which allows quick connection of our Hyzone or Brightwell pumps – both of which Richard Jay imports directly from manufacturers to keep support levels high and costs down for investors. Avoiding manual dosing has become a trend – not only does this reduce cleaning of vended laundry spaces, but it also improves the customer experience. Richard Jay’s in-house chemical manufacturing allows us to engineer the best detergents to suit the LG range of washers.

Keeping the washer and dryer as separate machines means a washer can be replaced without replacing the dryer, reducing the cost of replacement or upgrades. Competitors build their stacks as one appliance, which causes problems.  Considering washers fail much earlier than dryers, sites are often left with unrepairable washers and working dryers.

Popular vend segments and models for LG

Student accommodation requires equipment that maximises the number of pockets in a small space, and the stacked washer/dryer combo offers outstanding capacity of 10KG or 15KG in a very small footprint. These machines are located close to resident rooms and dormitories, but our direct motor technology means the equipment is the quietest in segment, so students aren’t disturbed by noisy equipment when trying to study or rest. Students love Tangerpay’s mobile payment technology and appreciate the move to cashless payment.

The most popular models for student accommodation are:

  • CWG27MSORS – LG Commercial Washer, 450G, 10KG, Single
  • CDG27RSOES – LG Commercial Dryer, 10KG, Single
  • CWG27MDORS / CDG27RUOES – LG Commercial Washer/Dryer, 10KG, Stack

Tourist parks offer washers and dryers in either coin or cashless configurations, which are used by park visitors and mostly sold in single configuration. Considering these machines are mixed or underloaded regularly, the accelerometer dramatically improves spin outs by managing these imbalances in the best way possible, while reducing dry times and subsequent energy usage. Tap payment through Nayax is incredibly popular, plus the simple load/tap/start use process is simple to use and familiar.

The most popular models for tourist parks are:

  • CWG27MSORS – LG Commercial Washer, 450G, 10KG Single
  • CDG27RSOES – LG Commercial Dryer, 10KG Single

Apartment buildings often use LG to provide residents with a shared laundry facility, which frees up space in smaller apartments and eliminates laundry equipment maintenance from rental properties. With these facilities often being close to resident rooms, the quietness of the direct drive motor means less noise and happier residents. We also turn on multi-housing imbalance software, which reduces noise and vibration to further appease residents. These laundries are often small and use a combination of Tangerpay’s mobilepay and Nayax’s tap payment technology.

The most popular models for apartments are:

  • CWG27MDORS / CDG27RUOES – LG Commercial Washer / Dryer, 10KG Stack
  • CWT29MDORS / CDT29MUOES – LG Commercial Washer / Dryer, 15KG Stack

Electrolux Professional Laundry – coin-operated washers and dryers

Our professional range of coin-operated washers and dryers, often termed industrial to differentiate them from their commercial counterparts, are our most popular solution for vend stores and retail spaces. Not only are these products designed to last 30,000 cycles, they also provide better wash results, quicker dry times and larger capacities compared to commercial washers/dryers.

Richard Jay has become Electrolux Professional Laundry’s largest partner in APAC, and has seen rapid growth in many segments throughout Australia. Our stockholding is immense and most orders are supplied ex stock, with our in-house trained team of technicians ready to support all installation and service needs.

Key advantages to consider

Capacities from 6KG to 33KG in-stock for vend applications, with the most popular capacity becoming the 20KG washer paired with the 24KG stacked dryer. Customers are looking for larger equipment in vend spaces.

The best wash results, with our custom in-house engineered programs delivering significantly better wash results and driving customer delight.

Power Balance is an accelerometer-based technology purpose built to manage vibration during extraction. Considering most vend laundries underload or mix load, this feature – available on the soft-mount line – helps manage this and deliver exceptional dewatering, placing Electrolux at the front of the pack for extraction.

Water-operated drain valves cut down on dead water by 97%, reducing water usage and driving up sustainability.

Popular vend segments and models for Electrolux

Vend stores continue to see double digit equipment sales growth, with store owners seeing high return traffic due to customers appreciating the premium Electrolux experience. We stock eight dedicated washer models and four dedicated dryer models for this segment, which have seen the strong move from rigid to soft-mount washers. This drives down dryer energy costs and quickens throughput, while allowing greater site selection opportunities.

Models often purchased include:

  • WH6-14CP Electrolux Industrial Washer, 450G, 14KG
  • WH6-20CP Electrolux Industrial Washer, 450G, 20KG
  • WH6-27CP Electrolux Industrial Washer, 450G, 27KG
  • TD6-17S Electrolux Industrial Dryer, Reversing Drum, 17KG, Stack
  • TD6-24S Electrolux Industrial Dryer, Reversing Drum, 24KG, Stack
  • TD6-37 Electrolux Industrial Dryer, Reversing Drum, 37KG, Single


Multi-housing continues to see the movement from commercial platforms to industrial, with many route or management agencies preferring the longer replacement window and truly professional wash/dry results. Customers who choose professional often see a movement away from private to public shared laundry use – part of the sustainable future of sharing durable goods, which reduces landfill while lifting the laundry experience.

Models often purchased include:

  • WH6-8CP Electrolux Industrial Washer, 450G, 8KG
  • TD6-10CP Electrolux Industrial Dryer, Reversing Drum, 10KG

How can I find out more about coin-operated washers?

Whether you have a small caravan park or are looking to build a large customer vend store, we have a solution to meet your needs. We love seeing the success our customers experience in the coin or cashless vend space – every customer is unique and at Richard Jay we customise our suggested solution to best drive success in your business.

Contact our friendly sales team today to discuss your needs –  we look forward to exceeding your vision.