Chest vs cylinder heated: which flatwork ironer is right for your business?

The right tools are essential to efficiency in commercial laundry applications, and Richard Jay has flatwork ironing solutions to suit the workload in any business, with products ranging from small ironers processing 20 kg per hour to large ironers processing up to 1000 kg. 

The best ironer for your business depends on your hourly production requirements, including the number and type of items to be processed. 

Once these production requirements are clear, our team can recommend a solution to suit your needs and your site.

Commercial ironers fall into two main categories:

Chest ironers 

Chest ironers work by pressing a heated chest onto a rotating padded roller, using friction and heat to flatten linen. Available in a wide range of sizes, these models offer the most reliable solution for businesses. Large thermal oil flexible chest ironers offer the best energy efficiency, making them ideal for businesses with large workloads. 

Cylinder heated ironers 

While cylinder heated ironers are a more complex solution, they offer a greater contact surface for maximum efficiency in a more compact package than chest heated technology. For this reason, cylinder heated models are often sold to on-premise laundries with limited floor space. 

Both chest and cylinder heated ironers are available in automated and non-automated configurations. 

Is your business in need of new commercial or industrial ironing equipment? The team at Richard Jay is here to help – give us a call on 1300 742 427 to discuss your requirements.