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Our family-owned Australian business launched in 1969 as a single laundromat in Adelaide. Since then, we’ve grown into an internationally recognised corporation providing laundry, warewashing and chemical dispensing solutions for hospitality, healthcare, government and community operations of all sizes.

We have an impressive history because we have always looked ahead and embraced new technologies. With the future in mind, we adopt sustainable practices at all levels of the business.
We are continuously identifying new ways for our clients to reduce their environmental impact and utility costs, as well as ways they can simplify and streamline their laundry and warewashing processes.

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Our Divisions

Our service divisions and product ranges fall under the main umbrella of the overarching Richard Jay brand. Today, Richard Jay has four distinct productand service divisions: JayWash (commercial laundry), JayWare (warewashing), JayChem (detergents, fluids, granules and beads) and JayFlow (Brightwell dispensers, wet wipes and Connect Machines 2 Web technology).

Our Solutions

At Richard Jay, we understand that every organisation must adhere to specific budgeting requirements. To figure out what payment structure will suit a company best, we look at how they work and what they need. See CapitalPlus and JayWay.

Our National Footprint

Richard Jay is truly a national company. With offices and warehouses in every state, we have the capacity to serve our clients better. We alone are equipped to meet their delivery and servicing needs locally and immediately. As an Australian-owned company, all our profits stay in Australia.

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