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We understand that, day after day, our clients need to put clean sheets on beds and deliver freshly laundered clothes. Laundry is the backbone of our award-winning business. We are here to help with your laundry design and workflow optimisation.

There’s nothing we don’t know about washing, drying and finishing. Richard Jay’s laundry design service makes establishing a new laundry or modernising an existing one smooth and satisfying.

Exclusive to Richard Jay – calculate & compare

For customers who currently outsource laundry, our experts can calculate the ROI (Return on investment) of bringing your laundry on site. We take into account running costs, installation, linen purchase and capital equipment investment to give a true estimate of savings you can make by processing laundry in-house.

For those who already have equipment, we can use our decades of knowledge to fairly assess old technology versus new. By factoring in cycle times and chemical usage, energy and water use, we are able to demonstrate the superior efficiency of new equipment. As with all calculators, we can prepare the ROI to customer requirements based on factual data provided by manufacturers on the latest energy efficient laundry programs. This ensures customers can compare their investment choices easily.

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Looking for a new laundry design?

Richard Jay’s commercial laundry division, JayWash, provides an in-demand laundry design service for businesses embarking on new laundry projects. Allowing for future business growth and evolution, we work with architects, building designers, builders and facilities managers to map out new laundries from scratch.

We also partner with business owners and managers at community industries such as childcare centres, caravan parks, launderettes, and other service providers who project-manage their own on-site laundries. Our experts think of everything. Layout, workflow, aesthetics and equipment selection are all taken into account.

Hygienic laundry practices guide

Dirty laundry can spread germs to other areas, and therefore the clean linen needs to be handled as carefully as the dirty. This requires an in-depth understanding of laundry flows, the correct use of fabrics suitable to the task, and working practices that ensure the employees are aware of how their everyday actions can impact the laundry operation.

With this in mind, please take the time to read this ‘Mini Guide’ to hygienic laundry practices, based on the AS/NZS 4146:2000 Australian New Zealand Laundry Standards.

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Key considerations in laundry design

Our experts will visit your site or view your plans to assess the space you’re working with in terms of plumbing, power and ventilation.

Equipment selection will depend on your industry and capacity requirements. Richard Jay has Australia’s largest range of versatile machinery and accessory options that are suitable for any space. Depending on your requirements, you may opt for a stacked washer-dryer system, side-by-side machines or even a large-capacity washer-dryer combo. Complete your laundry workflow with finishing equipment and roller ironers from Richard Jay.

Worth doing, worth doing right (the first time)

As for your laundry fit-out, our team can liaise with plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other sub-contractors to project-manage your new laundry from start to finish – including miscellaneous concerns such as flue exhaust outlets. The Richard Jay After Sales Team arranges for equipment installation and commissioning, which is carried out by qualified technicians across Australia.

Our experts will allocate the right amount of space for everything you need, including finishing and folding stations. We can advise you on storage options and space-saving design ideas. For example, you may want to consider open shelving or concealed machinery options for aesthetic harmony.

When disinfection and infection control are primary concerns (for instance, in the veterinary, hospitality or healthcare sectors), our experts can equip you with the world’s most advanced solutions.

Compliance is assured

Working with our design experts ensures your laundry will comply with all Australian safety regulations and Australia New Zealand standards for Laundry Practice (AS/NZ4146:200).

Audit your existing laundry

Laundry already up and running? In addition to our laundry design service, we can conduct a thorough audit of your current laundry processes to reduce outgoings and eliminate cross-infection.

Modernise your older-style laundry & save

Equipment design and efficiency is advancing all the time in the commercial laundry industry. New technologies and programming advancements minimise water and energy usage as well as reducing operating costs. Modernising existing laundry facilities can achieve significant operational savings and improved efficiencies that will boost your business overall.

Often on-site laundries are better off investing in new machinery than continuing to spend on servicing and parts. Richard Jay can give you an itemised cost comparison of older machinery vs. the latest technology. They’ll show you how much you can save on energy consumption and staff labour, as well as improved health and safety outcomes and better wash results. Not having to re-wash loads and the reduced risk of machinery breakdown results in greater efficiency and less downtime.