Boosting Efficiency and Reliability in Workwear
Processing Operations

In an industry where efficiency and reliability are paramount, businesses processing workwear are constantly seeking ways to optimise and streamline their operations. One such business in Adelaide was recently faced with the challenge of upgrading their laundry equipment to better meet the demands of their business, and they looked to Richard Jay for answers.

As the business continued to expand, they realised that their existing laundry equipment was no longer sufficient to meet the increasing demands placed on them and needed reliable, efficient equipment that could be quickly and easily serviced.

Understanding the unique requirements, we designed a tailored solution that would improve their laundry operations & wash quality. Our team assessed their needs, taking into account factors such as workload, turnaround times, servicing requirements and the potential for future growth.

We recommended our most popular commercial laundry combo, comprising the formidable models W4600H & T41200. This winning combination not only provides outstanding efficiencies but also catered to their multi-shift requirements, delivering unmatched reliability. 

The 60KG Electrolux Industrial Washers stood tall as the perfect solution to address their needs. Boasting an impressive 350G force and fully programmable wash cycles, these machines are engineered to handle heavy workloads without compromising on the quality of the wash. Their advanced technology ensures that each garment is treated with utmost care, delivering unparalleled cleanliness and hygiene.

Complementing the washers were our 60KG Electrolux Industrial Dryers. These dryers are equipped with cutting-edge technology that expedites the drying process while being energy-efficient, leading to significant cost savings. Considering the high soil levels, we recommend a degree of loading in the washer of 1 to 12 (12 litres drum volume per kg capacity), so the 60 kg washers are loaded to 50kg to improve mechanical action & enhance the cleaning process for this application.

While improved reliability was a key factor when deciding on the upgrade, having access to Richard Jay’s in-house team of specialists sealed the deal. Our cost-effective agreements include not just providing the equipment and installation but we include training and breakdown servicing as well allowing them to just run their business. With our combined laundry solution and ongoing maintenance offering, they are now set to take operations to the next level.

If you would like to know more about our cost-effective agreements that include equipment and service breakdown, call 1300 742 427 today.