Barrier Washer Installation in Adelaide’s Aged Care Facility

We recently had the privilege of collaborating with a new aged care facility in Adelaide who’s commitment to providing their residents the very best in care includes ensuring that the linen they use is always clean and safe. 

The Power of Barrier Washers

Our solution to their needs? A state-of-the-art installation of barrier washers and dryers. The use of barrier washers allows this facility to maintain a clear and clean division between the ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ sections of their laundry area. With a physical wall separating these areas, the potential for cross-contamination is substantially reduced.

Barrier washers are meticulously designed to exceed strict performance standards. They play a pivotal role in the prevention of cross-contamination by limiting physical contact with the linen. Their function is not just restricted to cleanliness but extends into health care.

Enhancing Health Safety

These machines are engineered to restrict the proliferation of microorganisms, fortifying the best defense against infection for aged care workers, residents, and visitors. This greatly reduces outbreaks and cross-contamination, ensuring the ultimate in laundry separation. It’s a powerful and proactive approach to safeguard residents from harmful viruses.

Machinery Installed in Adelaide

  • 2 x WB6-20 – Electrolux Industrial Barrier Washers, 20KG
  • 2 x TD6-30 – Electrolux Industrial Dryers, Axial Airflow, 30KG

This laundry equipment is integral to the facility’s commitment to its residents’ health and happiness.

If you’re managing an aged care facility and are contemplating upgrading your on premise laundry, or if you’re in the planning stages of a new facility, we invite you to reach out to one of our laundry specialists today.