Acknowledging our essential workers in the professional laundry industry

This month, Richard Jay celebrated an occasion that goes right to the heart of what we do – International Linen & Uniform Service Day.

It’s a day devoted to professionals across the globe who provide linen, uniform and facility services. So many of our clients in the professional laundry and facilities management sectors fit into this category, and there’s no one more deserving of this recognition. As the global pandemic continues, linen and uniform laundering services guaranteeing disinfection are an integral part of the supply chain for the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, food service, food processing, automotive and retail industries.

August 8 was chosen as the date for International Linen & Uniform Service Day because it was on this day 111 years ago that the world’s first electric-powered washing machine was patented by US inventor and engineer Alva J. Fisher.

As you can imagine, this innovation marked a huge turning point for mankind as a whole. Such a labour-saving device created massive efficiencies in the home, on the factory floor, in the hospitality sector and in healthcare facilities around the world.

Very often at Richard Jay we stop to think of the hundreds of professional laundry workers who discreetly and cheerfully provide clean linens, towels and uniforms to their partners across Australia every day of the week. We’ve met these people and they have exceptionally high standards and take great pride in their work. Professional laundry truly is an essential service and was officially recognised as such this year.

To maintain a hygienic and comfortable environment for staff and patients, Australia’s healthcare facilities depend on laundry professionals to deliver a steady stream of bedlinen, scrubs, gowns, lab coats and PPE. This is also the case in our sensitive aged-care facilities, educational institutions and prisons. The biomedical cleanroom facilities creating our COVID-19 vaccines also rely heavily on specialist professional laundry services to keep staff and trial participants safe.

Our laundry professionals supply Australia’s cafes and restaurants with chef uniforms, tea towels, staff uniforms & aprons, as well as tablecloths and napkins. Everything must be spotless and hygienically clean. As for accommodation, it wouldn’t be much of a holiday if your hotel or Airbnb didn’t have spotless sheets and towels.

So to all our laundry service professionals, we see you, we love doing business with you and we owe you a lot. Keep up the amazing work!