A perfect finish: Richard Jay and Pony

An effective wash program ultimately comes down to the right washer and dryer, but in commercial settings, it’s also important to use the right finishing equipment.

After all, those finishing touches make all the difference to the overall quality of the customer experience and offering – and for the best results, Richard Jay recommends the Pony range of finishing equipment.

Founded in 1958, Pony has 200 distributors in more than 50 countries and a global reputation for supplying a diverse range of reliable, efficient, high quality finishing equipment designed to minimize labor costs.

Compared to domestic alternatives, these professional solutions deliver superior finishing results, owing to several key design factors.

High Quality Steam
Professional systems have dedicated boilers to provide high pressure dry steam, allowing the operator to finish garments often twice as fast as a domestic hand ironer.

Teflon Shoes
All our hand ironers are supplied with Teflon shoes that provide insulation and allow the operator to finish using steam. This, in turn, reduces the risk of shining or burning delicate fabrics.

Vacuum Function
Featured in all of our finishing tables, the vacuum function holds items in place during the process and removes steam, reducing moisture build up in the garments.

Blowing Function
Our Genus finishing table includes a blowing motor, which allows the operator to “blow-up” items & finish without pressing, using steam to return fabrics to their original state. This is designed to prevent damage to delicate items during finishing.

Within the Pony range, there are several fantastic pieces of finishing equipment recommended by the Richard Jay team.

The Baby/Omega combo is ideal for periodic finishing and light usage (two hours or less per day) in an on-premise laundry.
Generally used to finish non-delicate items, FVC is a high-use ironing solution that can cover a full 8-hour shift.
Genus S
Another high-use solution, Genus S ironing tables can also be used for full 8-hour shifts, and also feature the blowing motor normally used in dry cleaning businesses to finish delicate items.

Does your business require high-quality finishing equipment that gets every job done to the highest standard? The Richard Jay team has the expertise and the stock to set you up for success – give us a call on 1300 742 427.