A new class of wash: how to get the best out of your student laundry room

During the pandemic, international students left Australian schools, universities and other tertiary institutions in droves. Now the borders have reopened at last and many students are expected to return as soon as this month.

As accommodation managers prepare to welcome international students back into the fold, maintaining an efficient student accommodation laundry (in terms of design and machinery) will help provide students with the best possible experience and wash results.

If you’re considering upgrading your student laundry, read on for a few important considerations.

Think beyond the basics

While meeting laundry sanitation standards is a top priority, laundry operators are also considering new ways to elevate the customer experience. The ultimate student laundry room incorporates study desks, TV screens and coffee stations into the layout – enabling students to make better use of the space and their time.

Choose equipment that’s up to the task

Commercial-grade washers and dryers make all the difference when it comes to delivering efficiency, durability and wash performance in your student accommodation laundry. Before selecting laundry equipment, however, it’s important to forecast the washing and drying workload as well as projecting the consumption of energy, water and chemicals. This will ensure that your machines are fit for purpose and ready to support the broader needs of your business.

Based on more than 50 years of industry experience, Richard Jay trusts equipment from leading global brands such as LG Commercial and Electrolux Professional to give our customers efficiency, performance and longevity. Our experienced team is ready to help you select the right machines for your student population, plus we have a wide range of stock on hand so you can kit out your laundry without delay.

Ditch cash payments once and for all

Removing the cash barrier in your laundry room is a simple way to make life easier for your students. With cash being a prime motivation behind break-ins, going cashless also minimises the threat of vandalism.

Cashless payment options are also important for hygiene reasons because they allow business owners to limit contact with unsanitary cash and coins while maintaining a customer register for contract tracing. Beyond infection control, contract tracing technology can also enhance the customer experience by sending out notifications when laundry cycles are complete.

At Richard Jay, we have embraced advanced cashless payment technologies in the form of our purpose-built laundry payment system, e-CleanPay & Nayax. Accessible by smartphone, the system is quick and simple to use with no lock-in contracts and integrates with Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal.

Embrace the benefits of automatic dosing

Like every other facility and service you offer, it’s important that the student laundry room runs at maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance required. Implementing an automatic dosing system will eliminate mess and ensure that each wash uses exactly the right concentration of chemicals. These systems are designed to improve wash quality, reduce waste and maximise the lifespan of your machinery.

Now’s the time for a laundry hygiene audit

The pandemic has brought with it a heightened awareness of hygiene requirements, standards and risks, prompting laundry business owners everywhere to take inventory of their laundry sanitation and hygiene practices. At Richard Jay, we recommend the JayChem range of chemicals and cleaning products to provide effective germ-kill and sanitation with every wash.

If you’re ready to build or upgrade your student accommodation laundry, our laundry experts are on hand to assist you. Contact us today for answers to all your student laundry questions and advice on equipment selection.