Get to know the dazzling 402319 glasswasher from Electrolux Professional

Our warehouse has cleared space for a limited number of Electrolux Professional 402319 glasswashers, but we know they won’t last long. Here’s why you’ll want to pre-order your machine before they all sell out.  

High-level features of the 402319 glasswasher that immediately grabbed our buyers’ attention include an in-built drain pump, detergent dispenser, cold rinse function, multi-rack support, rinse booster pump and three different cycles.

A quick turnaround = efficient service

With the Electrolux Professional 402319 Glasswasher, you can keep your kitchen moving because there’s no need to wait for glasses to cool down. Glasses emerge cool and sanitised thanks to the extra cold rinse program. You’ll never have to pour cold beer into a hot glass ever again.

Guaranteed disinfection

Sanitation and rinse quality are guaranteed with the 402319’s Wash-Safe Control. The Wash-Safe Control light turns green to guarantee rinsing has been performed perfectly. It maintains a constant rinse pressure and temperature of 84 °C thanks to a hydraulic system featuring a standard air gap and rinse pump.

Clever features for busy businesses

  • Electrolux Professional has equipped the 402319 with a Soft Start feature, which protects more delicate items from the sudden start of a cycle.
  • The 402319 has a built-in pressure boiler that increases the temperature of incoming 50°C water to guarantee a minimum rinsing temperature of 82°C for a sanitising rinse. No external booster is required.
  • A high-powered wash pump and large-capacity wash tank guarantee professional washing every time, and the machine has a maximum capacity of 60 racks per hour.
  • The machine’s pre-rinse/cold rinse cycle works double time to remove the heaviest residue from the wares and to cool down beer and wine glasses.

Quiet and low-key

When the 402319 requires servicing, you can access the main components without moving the unit. Noise levels are purposely kept low so as to not compete with kitchen clatter and the machine is equipped with a drain pump for easy and quick installation without opening the machine.

A select number of 402319 Electrolux Professional glasswashers are about to arrive at Richard Jay. Reserve your machine by calling 1300 RICHARD (742 427).